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Tracey E. Schelmetic is a TMCnet contributing editor.


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06/29/2023 LivePerson Voice AI Solution Adopted by Tampa Area Urgent Care Network
03/10/2014 Scientists from Finland Find Markers in Blood that Predict Early Death
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12/05/2013 Study Finds Doctors Prefer Digital Media to In-House Drug Reps
12/04/2013 White House Disputes Accusations that One-Third of Sign Ups Are Error-Ridden
11/05/2013 Google's Helpouts Project May Be a Sign of Things to Come in Healthcare
10/11/2013 Doctors Find Electronic Health Records a Barrier, But Wouldn't Return to Paper Records
10/10/2013 Zappix Adds Mobile IVR to Pharmacy's Multichannel Capabilities
09/27/2013 IBM, Boston Children's Hospital Partner for Cloud-based Pediatric Medicine Platform
09/18/2013 Healthcare Employment Predicted to Pick Up Due to Aging Population and Affordable Care Act
09/17/2013 Could Hackers Target Implanted Medical Devices? Not with 'Heartbeat Authentication' Tech
09/17/2013 Microsoft's Gesture-based Kinect Has Far More Applications than Gaming
09/13/2013 Eldercare Facilities Getting on the Videoconferencing Bandwagon
09/11/2013 Nanotechnology Produces Tiny, Edible Barcodes to Spot Counterfeit Medication
08/01/2013 New Zealand Company Will Float Electronic Health Records in HP Converged Cloud
07/18/2013 Big Data in Healthcare: Social Media Can Help Track Disease Outbreaks, Pandemics
06/11/2013 Healthcare Facilities Beta Test a Virtual 'Online Nurse' for Treatment
05/06/2013 The Virtual Doctor: Using Video Conferencing for Healthcare Visits?
05/06/2013 Electronic Health Records Will Enable Big Data Analysis of Healthcare Information
05/06/2013 Kinsa's 'Smart Thermometer' Can Allow Public Health Officials to Track Illness Outbreaks
05/02/2013 IRS Says Employee Wellness Programs Cannot Be Included in Minimum Coverage for New Healthcare Law
04/22/2013 Spike in Problems with da Vinci Robotic Surgical Device Attracts FDA Investigation
04/18/2013 Healthcare IT Venture Capital in Boon Mode in First Quarter of 2013
04/16/2013 Massachusetts General Hospital Researchers 'Grow' New Kidneys for Lab Rats
04/16/2013 Univ. of Washington Researchers Create 'Artificial Bridge' Between Brain and Spinal Cord of Paralyzed Monkey
04/10/2013 Startup FuzeBox Selling High-Definition Video Conferencing Solution for the Hearing Impaired
04/10/2013 Medical Insight's EasyViz Viewer Enables Telemedicine Network for Stroke Diagnosis in France
04/08/2013 Making Healthcare Apps Usable, Useful
04/02/2013 FCC Opens Inquiry on Safety of Cell Phones to Human Health
03/30/2013 Health TechZone Week in Review
03/28/2013 Health TechZone Week in Review
03/21/2013 Presidential Commission Releases Report on Ethical Considerations of Pediatric Anthrax Vaccine Trials
03/19/2013 Healthcare Organizations See a Serious Shortage of Skilled Health IT Professionals
03/09/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
03/02/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
03/01/2013 RetroFit Finalizes Specialized Healthcare IT Practice as HP Healthcare Elite Partner
03/01/2013 South African Researchers Develop New Lower-cost Doppler Ultrasound Machine
03/01/2013 Datalogic to Exhibit Series of Handheld Patient Data Collectors
02/26/2013 Connecticut Chooses Partner for Its ACA-Mandated Healthcare Exchange
02/23/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
02/22/2013 Can IBM's Watson Supercomputer Cure Cancer?
02/16/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
02/13/2013 IBM Finds Niche for Smaller Watson Supercomputer in Healthcare
02/09/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
02/02/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
02/01/2013 American Medical Informatics Association Outlines Concerns about Electronic Health Records
01/30/2013 Medical Research Outsourcing Industry to Grow at Brisk Pace
01/30/2013 MCG Capital Invests in Louisiana Mental Healthcare Company
01/26/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
01/22/2013 UK's NHS to Study Example of Affordable Care Act's Electronic Health Records Provisions
01/19/2013 Health TechZone Week in Review
01/15/2013 America's ER Investment Company Announces New Healthcare Development Fund
01/15/2013 New Study Reveals Issues with Quality Measurement for Electronic Health Records
01/13/2013 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
12/03/2012 Univ. of Virginia Medical Center Says Patient Information May Have Been Breached
11/29/2012 Basis Science Introduces Health-Tracking Wrist Band
11/20/2012 GE Healthcare Laying Off 10 Percent of Workforce in Vermont
11/20/2012 Clinton Foundation Partners with Verizon for Remote Health Monitoring for Lower Income Americans
11/19/2012 Voice Biometrics May Be Key to Keeping Electronic Patient Information Secure
11/19/2012 GE Healthcare Laying Off 10 Percent of Workforce
11/05/2012 Healthcare Organizations can Prevent Rising Trend of Cyber-Attacks
10/22/2012 Two Newly Approved Drugs to Spur Growth in Hepatitis C Pharmaceutical Market
10/16/2012 Everything Else is Smart Now...Why Not Your Pills?
10/11/2012 Cerner to Embed Nuance Voice Technology into Mobile Healthcare Records Solution
10/11/2012 Imprivata Introduces HIPAA-compliant Text Messaging Solution for Healthcare
09/10/2012 Aetna to Purchase Coventry Health to Boost Medicare and Medicaid Business
09/06/2012 Verizon Division ICSA Labs Receives Go-Ahead to Certify Electronic Health Records
06/06/2012 Brookdale Senior Living Implements Enterprisewide Wireless Networking Through Aerohive Networks
05/16/2012 Obama Administration Ramps Up Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease
05/11/2012 Affordable Healthcare Act Will Put Reins On Medical Debt Collection Practices
05/09/2012 Many Organizations Violating Federal Privacy Laws Using SMS Without Security
05/07/2012 U.S. Spends the Most on Healthcare, But Not on the Best
04/30/2012 New York City Investment Fund Collaborates with State for Digital Healthcare Tech
04/26/2012 Supermarket Chain Kroger to Initiate Pilot Program for Pharmacy Call Center in Cincinnati Area
03/27/2012 Supreme Court Decision Will Have Little Impact on Changing American Healthcare Landscape, Says Expert
03/07/2012 Nuance Acquires Healthcare Transcription Company
02/23/2012 Lawson Software Announces Solutions for Security of Digital Patient Information
02/21/2012 Nuance Wins a Number of New Healthcare Customers for its Speech Solutions
02/14/2012 Cloud-based Applications for Physicians Help Improve Patient Care
02/13/2012 Canadian Union Expresses Concern About Health Effects of Wi-Fi in the Classroom
01/16/2012 Small Business Groups Support Obama Administration's Healthcare Act
01/05/2012 Turning to the Internet for Weight Loss Support
09/14/2011 Glowing Cats May Help Researchers Fight HIV with Gene Therapy
08/12/2011 A Tattoo That Doubles As a Health Monitor?
06/01/2011 UMC Healthcare Introduces New Electronic Payment Processing Solution for Healthcare