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October 10, 2013

Zappix Adds Mobile IVR to Pharmacy's Multichannel Capabilities

While many contact centers claim to be “multichannel,” this means different things to different companies. For some, it’s simply a matter of having phone and e-mail coverage. For others, it indicates that each and every contact point a customer might use, including social media and mobile apps, are handled in a consistent way, with the agent able to see a true 360-degree view of the customer each time he or she makes contact.

The mobile channel is increasingly important. We are a nation of smartphones today, and we use them during most of our waking hours. We’re also fond of mobile apps, whether they are for gaming, social media, news and weather or personal business such as banking.

Cloud-based multichannel contact center solutions provider Zappix recently announced that Village Fertility Pharmacy (VFP) of Waltham, Mass., has implemented its solution as a way of modernizing its business and adding mobile multichannel capabilities to provide customers with more flexibility to contact the pharmacy via their phones.

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It works like this: patients download the free Zappix app onto their iPhones or Android phones, which then allows them to engage with the pharmacy in an easy and intuitive way, both while they are in the clinic and through their entire fertility medication cycle. Patients can use their smartphones to register, order or refill prescriptions and avail themselves of the pharmacy’s multimedia resources at any time and from. If they need to engage with the pharmacy, they can use intuitive visual menu options (a kind of “Visual IVR”), in addition to touchtone IVR, telephone call, SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

“We are extremely pleased to provide our patients with the Zappix mobile engagement service experience,” said Stuart Levine, president of Village Fertility Pharmacy. “We found that the Zappix platform utilizes the smartphone far more effectively than call center IVR systems and our patients now have many more ways to engage with us with a single click from the device they carry everywhere – their smartphone. By providing the patients an easier way to reach the Pharmacy, an easier way to order or refill prescriptions and use resources to use the medications correctly and effectively, we have made it easier for patients to manage their treatment cycle. The tremendous amount of added capability, plus the convenience of using your smartphone, transforms the entire patient experience.”

Increasingly, the kind of cross-OS mobile customer support smartphone experience that Zappix offered to Village Fertility Pharmacy is a necessity when servicing 21st century customers. While most customers may still prefer a telephone call to solve a problem or ask a question, for routine interaction with a company (fill a prescription, for instance, or check a balance), the mobile app is critical to fostering customer engagement.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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