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3/20/2018 1:01:20 PM
Exploring Security, Compliance, and Performance in Healthcare IT

A system of advanced, patient-centric healthcare
8/25/2016 12:27:25 PM
The US healthcare market, one of the largest in the world, has led the way in innovation, with the discovery of new drugs and innovative delivery systems, as well as the development of high-precision procedures for diagnosis and effective treatment. The progress made, however, has come at a cost: a widening gulf between the medical system at large and the principal actor it is supposed to benefit the patient, who is faced with soaring costs and limited access to medical resources at both a doctor and hospital level. In response, we at Infinite are seeing a transformation shipping at this imbalance toward a more patient centered care model, which promises to reinstate the patient at the core of its endeavors by drastically redrawing the parameters and control of care.

This white paper provides information on the industry’s movement towards wellness and patient centered care which including:
• Infinite’s vision of what healthcare will look like in the next 10 years
• Patient engagement through Telemedicine
• Adoption of wearables
• Infinite’s approach to providing solutions that meet the needs of the evolving marketplace

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