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August 31, 2022

5 New Trends And Innovations In Sleeping Technology

Sleep is a vital function for humans because it allows their bodies and brains to recharge, which gives them a refreshing feeling once they wake up. When an individual gets enough sleep at night, they are less prone to sickness, reduce their risk for life-threatening issues, and improve their mood. As a result, they are likely to think with a clear mind and perform well in school and the workplace, allowing them to live a better lifestyle.

Since getting enough sleep is essential to living a good life, people have to invest in sleep technology that will optimize their sleeping environment. Some advanced technologies reduce distractions, control temperature, and treat sleep issues. Once they use these innovative tools, they become more proactive with their sleeping habits while detecting potential health risks that might disrupt their day-to-day activities.

This article provides you with the five latest innovations in sleeping technology.

1. Electric Adjustable Bed

Numerous people suffer from swollen legs, preventing them from sleeping soundly at night. These individuals may include those who suffer from leg pain issues caused by blood clots or pregnant women who carry extra water that accumulate in the lower parts of their bodies. As they lie in regular beds, they might incur additional cramps resulting from the wrong foot position, affecting their sleep quality. 

With an electric adjustable bed, individuals will regulate their upper and lower body positions by enabling them to adjust the height of the equipment itself. Its adjustable bed frame can help them sleep in an angled position that will open nasal pathways, allowing them to rest uninterrupted. In addition, this innovative sleeping technology can help them improve blood circulation, relieve arthritis and heartburn, and stretch their legs while they comfortably take some rest.

2. Motion Pillow

Snoring is a hoarse sound that commonly affects anyone experiencing poor air circulation. This breathing issue may be caused by alcohol overconsumption, sinuses, allergies, or a cold. A person suffering from long-term snoring might be at risk of heart attack, decreased blood oxygen levels, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. 

With innovative sleeping technology like a motion pillow, individuals suffering from chronic snoring enable uninterrupted nasal breathing. When this device detects snoring, it inflates and gently adjusts the user's head without causing disturbances to alleviate snoring slowly. In turn, the person can avoid releasing annoying sounds at night and enable a restful sleep for their roommates.

3. White Noise Wall Plug

Outside noise is a disturbing element that can instantly disrupt a person's sleeping patterns. For instance, when a construction activity occurs in another building, the individual will have to plug in a pair of noise-cancellation earplugs to block the noise. However, wearing earbuds at night will risk a wax buildup and ear infections that might cause hearing difficulties, nausea, and itchiness.

Instead of using noise-blocking earbuds, individuals should consider investing in a white noise wall plug to help them sleep soundly at night. They will plug this advanced sleeping technology into their bedroom walls so they can listen to customizable white noise depending on their sound preferences. As they block out these outside noises, they can fall asleep quickly and avoid waking up in the middle of the night to deal with noisy neighbors.

4.  App-Controlled Mattress Cooler

The core body temperature of a person is one of the main factors that affect their sleep quality. When they rest inside a warm bedroom, they might wake up at midnight due to discomfort from sweaty sheets. In addition to interrupted sleep, they are likely to turn on their air-cooling (AC) system to improve air quality, which increases their energy consumption.

Nobody likes sleeping in a hot room because they often end up in a groggy mood that can affect their day. Instead of implementing a costly AC unit, individuals must consider investing in advanced sleeping technology like an app-controlled mattress cooler. This device is easily accessible to Android and Apple users, allowing them to control programmable sleep schedules and add comfort with its extra cushioning features.

5. Wearable Sleep Tracker

Monitoring sleep patterns is vital for individuals who need to track their heart rate, breathing, and sleeping movements. This process can provide them with accurate insights into the sleep quality they get so they can optimize their sleeping experience. As they review this information, they can instantly identify possible health threats and seek medical assistance from their doctors.

Since monitoring sleep patterns can help people pinpoint health risks, they invest in a wearable sleep tracker. This modern technology tells whether an individual is asleep or awake by evaluating their breathing patterns, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate variability. Similarly, this advanced device can track their lifestyle activities, so they can receive encouragement for them to stay active, so they have a healthier body and sleeping pattern.

Key Takeaway

With continuous technological development, companies are now improving the lives of modern individuals. They offer products that streamline sleeping patterns with these five new trends and innovations. As a result, they help their customers gain restful nights in bed by relieving their pains and blocking off outside noise.

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