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January 08, 2013

Fitbug Launches Orb - Bluetooth-Enabled Activity, Sleep Tracker via iOS at CES 2013

Fitbug, the leading solution provider in healthy living, announced the launch of its latest Fitbug Orb at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013.

Orb is a high-performance, Bluetooth-enabled tracker that measures both health and calorie consumption via the iOS application. However, at the same time, the brand should not be confused with any similar products, since it is expected to perform even better and accurately than any of its counterparts, alleged a Fitbug official in CES 2013 today.

Fitbug Orb not only tracks the total calories burned through its high-performance pedometer, but also measures sleep, particularly with nothing when you’re stationary, laying down.

The little pill-shaped device launched by Fitbug uses an accelerometer that tracks steps and aerobic steps as well, i.e. the steps for taking an intense stride or during running. It can even track sleep when the person goes to bed, enabling him/her to see how often and when they wake up during the night.

Simply put, Fitbug Orb is a button-sized tracker that accurately measures distance, calories and even the pace of a person on the move.

Orb can seamlessly connect to iOS devices via built-in Bluetooth connectivity, hooking up with smart devices like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, and the iPad Mini.

At the same time, Android support for the device is limited only to Samsung Galaxy S III. It is the first of its kind that offers sleep tracking, monitoring your movements during the night.

There are three sync modes in Fitbug Orb – Push for instant updates, Beaconing for sending data at regular intervals all throughout the day, and Stream Data to monitor your pulse accurately.

However, what’s most exciting about Fitbug Orb is its size and price. It is so small in size that it can be easily housed in your neck pendant or watch strap to help monitor your activity all throughout the day. It is now available in black, white and pink.

Unlike other fitness trackers, you can forget about the device once you wear it on your person, and it will keep monitoring your activity throughout the day, updating the notifications from time to time on your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Individuals can ‘push’ the data from Orb into their phone or tablet, but the ‘beacon’ mode helps the device to automatically connect to your device at regular intervals all throughout the day. As reported in CES 2013, Fitbug Orb is available at a market price of only $50 – a great catch for attracting corporate health programs and those who are on the fence about it.

Additionally, cute armbands will be available in a wide variety of colors for only $10. Fitbug Orb will be available for sale during the spring, as stated in the launch event at Consumer Electronics Show 2013.

Edited by Braden Becker
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