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February 18, 2022

4 Tech-Free Spaces Every Home Must Have

Technology is ubiquitous in the current scenario. It is part of every aspect of our lives including entertainment, business, security and communication. Technology bridges gaps to help remove hurdles and improve the overall quality of life. There are many ways technology has improved the health care industry and healthcare at a personal level. Having said that, it is possible to have a Technology overload in your life. That's where a Technology detox comes in. If you're wondering how to maintain a healthy consumption of Technology, a great way to initiate that is to establish tech-free zones in your home. Here are four ideas for tech-free zones everyone must have in their homes!


Are you used to mindless scrolling while attending to Nature's Call? Many people use their toilet time to create a to-do list or reply to emails. Turns out, this is doing you more harm than good. Avoid using your smartphone in the bathroom, because it tends to delay the process of relieving yourself. Instead, go the age-old way of humouring your thoughts in the bathroom and letting your mind wander. Spending time doing nothing is necessary for a healthy mind. Ensure your bathroom is Tech-Free so you can give your eyes and your thoughts some much-needed rest!

Dining Table

Meal Time and technology isn't a great combination. Exposure to technology while eating can cause you to misread your hunger cues and indulge in binge eating. Do away with tablets, phones and any sort of technology at the dinner table. Remove that television unit from the dining area and shift it to the living room. Make it a practice to keep mealtimes exclusively for your family. Catch up on the day and make small talk. Create a tech-free dinner table for a happy relationship with food and healthy digestion.

Outdoor Area

Convert your outdoor area into a haven of nature, greenery and serenity. Use your portico, backyard or balcony as a welcoming retreat spot with potted plants, bird Feeders and comfortable outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture direct is a one-stop solution for elegant and comfortable outdoor furniture in Sydney. Choose a design made of resin wicker with a sturdy aluminium frame. Use this spot for downtime after work or host your friends here for relaxing events. Make it a tech-free zone without any gadgets or fancy devices. Let it be a space where you reconnect with nature.


Ditch the idea of having a television of any technology in your bedroom. Avoid smart lights, smartphones or any other gadget as it disturbs the natural onset of sleep. Keep all the technology out of your bedroom. Any screen time in bed can impact the time involved in falling asleep abs the overall quality of sleep. Instead, invest in some quiet reading time before you hit the snooze button.

Technology has made inroads into every aspect of our lives. But, it is important to draw the line and steal time away from technology. This helps us relate to the smaller joys in life. Remember, you control technology - don't let technology control you!

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