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October 31, 2014

Health Gorilla Makes Doctor / Specialist Connections a Breeze

While many of us have been considering how to handle issues of health insurance and such matters, it's easy to forget that doctors and clinicians have similar issues to address as well, specifically when it comes to finding things like radiology centers and diagnostic labs to help carry out some of the more esoteric functions of healthcare. But a new service is set to give those doctors a little extra help in finding needed services, and it comes in the form of Health Gorilla Marketplace 2.0.

Health Gorilla Marketplace 2.0 offers up a complete marketplace setup designed to connect those aforementioned doctors and clinicians to a wide array of more individualized specialties. Over 9,000 diagnostic labs are part of the Health Gorilla Marketplace, as are better than 35,000 radiology centers. But this was more a start than anything else, as the new version of Health Gorilla Marketplace boasts a wide array of new medical subclasses for doctors and clinicians to make contact with. Included in the newest listings are such things as physical therapists, skilled nursing operations, sleep centers, and surgical centers, among several others. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) are also included in the new listings, bringing the cumulative totals up over “tens of thousands” of vendors total.

The entire process is said to be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, which is a relief to any physician looking to put it to work, and offers up a variety of useful features beyond the connection points. Since Health Gorilla also has a mobile equivalent that offers much the same tool set, Health Gorilla is also a powerful yet simple way to rapidly order the services needed, particularly as compares to the use of paper forms. Results are more rapidly received as well, and can be quickly sent on to patients, who are eagerly awaiting answers to those important health questions as well. The errors of paper forms are also removed from consideration, making the results both as fast and accurate as can currently be provided.

Since originally, Health Gorilla was designed as a way to streamline the process between doctors looking for support from radiology labs and the like, it's not out of line to see it expanding into other breeds of healthcare. Whether it's a radiology lab, a blood work result, or just a report from skilled nursing, it's really not out of line to not only want a quick connection to get the work started, but also get the results of that work. Security is also vital for such a development, and that's clearly in play as well. Essentially, all the vital components of such an operation are in place, and ready to go, so really all that needs to be done here is to get the word out to doctors and clinicians that such a service is available in the first place, a measure that could likely be accomplished with a little judicious marketing.

Healthcare is not an easy field, particularly with all the new rules that have swung in of late, and regardless what part of the continuum each person is located—whether patient, doctor, or supplementary specialist—it's a process that's fraught with emotion and difficulty. But services like Health Gorilla Marketplace 2.0, meanwhile, may make a tough job a lot easier, and help many more people sleep soundly at night.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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