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October 23, 2014

ChenMed Deploys 8x8 HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Communications Solution

Today’s healthcare industry uses a wide range of technologies to communicate and store private patient information. In order to ensure this information is protected they have to use proven security protocols that are compliant with the regulations the U.S. government has put in place. Using non-compliant technologies can result in heavy fines and in cases of gross negligence, incarceration.

ChenMed, a family-owned, physician-led organization specializing in primary care model for seniors, has announced it is deploying a HIPAA-compliant communication solutions from 8x8 at 36 Chen and JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers and two corporate offices in six U.S. states.

With so many different locations, ChenMed needed a communications platform capable of bringing together all of its resources to improve its patient care while at the same time reducing the costs its CAPEX and OPEX.

The health services ChenMed provides its customers are designed to deliver quality care for at risk seniors, many of whom are low to moderate income. To make this possible the organization uses innovative solutions and technologies to improve health outcomes while at the same time providing a pleasant patient experience.

By selecting the 8x8 cloud communications solution, the organization was able to get rid of the costly and inefficient centralized premises-based PBX phone system that routed all company calls through one location and then back out to geographically dispersed neighborhood centers.

 “With 8x8’s rapid deployment model, we were fully functional on one seamless solution across 38 sites and more than 1,400 users in five weeks, and we can quickly deploy new locations as we grow. This would be virtually impossible with any premises-based system,” said ChenMed CIO Oliver Degnan.

With 8x8 HIPAA compliant cloud communications organizations can:

  • Unite all locations with one communications system, from central offices to remote sites.
  • Receive a Business Associate’s Agreement confirming 8x8′s HIPAA-compliance.
  • Help key personnel connect, even in urgent situations.
  • Change ring groups and after-hours messages in a snap, without IT help.
  • Add new phones and features as the business grows—no PBX to manage.
  • Annually renewed legal attestation and documentation of 8x8’s HIPAA compliance by a leading HIPAA security law author and attorney.

“HIPAA compliance has become a non-negotiable requirement for business communications, not just for healthcare organizations like ChenMed that deal directly with patients, but also for subcontractors who have exposure to sensitive patient data. With 8x8’s services, ChenMed can be confident that their patient communications are secure and that the cost savings they are realizing can be applied to fulfilling their healthcare mission,” said 8x8 CEO Vik Verma.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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