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December 09, 2013

Qualcomm Life Showcasing 2net and HealthyCircles Platforms at 2013 mHealth Summit

Qualcomm Life, in collaboration with WebMD, BioScrip and the MedStar Institute for Innovation, is demonstrating how other organizations are using Qualcomm's 2net and HealthyCircles platforms.

WebMD, for example, has partnered with Qualcomm to enable sharing of biometric data through WedMD's mobile app. WebMD plans to provide patients with access to wireless biometric devices. After collecting patient data through 2net, WebMD can deliver relevant content to patients so that they can take control of their care.

Also, BioScrip is using HealthyCircles to power its connected health platform. The partnership was created to decrease the number of hospital readmissions.

Additionally, MedStar is integrating 2net into both its CareTablet virtual visit program and its remote patient monitoring solution. MedStar's goal is to allow patients to share data with healthcare providers and to take more responsibility for their own outcomes.

Qualcomm's platform-agnostic 2net service connects wireless medical devices to Qualcomm's cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant datacenters. Patients transmit medical device data to the cloud, and customer-designated recipients can collect the data. Transmission gateways include the 2net Hub, the 2net Mobile Core, 2net API integration or cellular medical devices.

HealthyCircles is a SaaS care management platform that coordinates doctors, home health nurses, pharmacists and family caregivers as they take care of patients that have been discharged from an acute care setting. In addition to holding the patient's medical team accountable, HealthyCircles lets family caregivers who may live out-of-state to keep daily tabs on the patient.

A HealthyCircles care coordinator creates a patient account after discharge and invites providers and family members to participate. The patient receives prompts for taking medications and attending follow-up appointments, and the responses are sent to the patient's care team.

Qualcomm has also developed partnerships with the American Heart Association, DELTA and iMPak Health. In addition, Qualcomm started a Global App Developer Challenge at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The company awarded its first prize to NuWave Commerce.

The 2013 mHealth Summit will continue through Dec. 11 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker
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