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September 06, 2013

Qualcomm's 2net Mobile to Provide HIPAA Certified Secure Medical Connectivity

Telemedicine will usher in a host of services designed to give patients with chronic disorders real-time diagnoses of their conditions. This solution will give doctors actionable data to determine the course of a particular therapy and admit patients to hospitals only when it is needed, saving the patient and the hospital money and resources.

Qualcomm Life, Inc. has launched its 2net Platform, a solution designed to provide clinical data by aggregating the information on multiple medical device sensors into a single unified stream. The information will be available on different types of mobile devices and it can be transmitted with a platform that meets the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security parameters.

The release of this new platform also comes with the 2net Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), to give developers opportunities to monetize 2net managed services in their applications.

This platform will give Android devices the ability to accept gateway functionalities of the 2net Hub, which delivers a flexible solution for transferring data with wireless communication for medical devices into and out of the home. 2net Mobile will extend the connectivity virtually anywhere by securely monitoring and transmitting the data from sensors while the user is out-and-about.

The software is made up of a 2net Mobile Core that interfaces with the 2net Mobile Application by communicating with biometric sensors acting as a library with a user interface. Customers and developers can create their own app around the Core by adding functionalities and features specific to their needs and that of their clients. The 2net Mobile Core is FDA listed as MDDS (Medical Device and Data Systems) Class 1, Class I MDD and CE Registered in Europe, and Class I in Canada,

"Our objective with the launch of 2net Mobile is to further support our customers' business strategies in remote patient monitoring, while enhancing the ability to innovate on the 2net Platform. Through its open approach to connectivity, transmission and aggregation of data on mobile phones and tablets, 2net Mobile improves the capability of users to monitor their health anytime, anywhere," said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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