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July 15, 2013

Ingen Looking to Expand Telecom Operations in Europe, Africa and Asia

In 2012, the telecommunications market was responsible for generating $4.7 trillion in the global economy. As emerging markets start building infrastructures to implement 3G/4G networks to meet the demand of their increasing middle-class, the market will surge even more. This presents opportunities for companies looking for new markets in this field. Ingen Technologies Inc., a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical equipment and telecom services, has added Donn Miller as Director of the Board to help them find these opportunities in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Mr. Miller brings 40 years of executive experience in engineering/construction, real estate and the telecom industry. He was the founder of Operator Services West and former VP of Frontier Communications in charge of operations and business development.

As part of a $25 million expansion program, he will be working with Bob Ellis, President of the Telecom Division, ATMC, Inc., one of the subsidiaries of Ingen. Ingen acquired ATMC Inc. earlier this year, and has since been pushing forward to increase its global telecom market share. The company has been expanding by landing service contracts with major telecom players in the global arena, including TATA Communications, China Unicom and YaBand.

"ATMC has existing telecommunication routes, and is expanding its operation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingen. Diversifying our business model provides for stronger revenues in the growing telecommunications industry," said Gary B. Tilden, Chairman of Ingen Technologies.  

The growth of the world population, increased wages and emerging technologies that will require telecommunications are all critical parts of their operation and they will ensure that this market will continue to grow for many more years.

Although the telecommunications market is saturated in most regions around the world, there are many more opportunities in developing countries. Africa and India present great opportunities with a combined population of almost 2.3 billion people. Incorporating health information technology (HIT) and telecommunications will give Ingen a clear advantage in introducing much needed first world medical services in these new markets.

Edited by Ryan Sartor
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