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March 04, 2013

Ingen Makes Changes to its National Distributor Network

Based in California, Ingen Technologies, Inc., an emerging medical device manufacturer and one of the leading players in the growing $55-billion home healthcare industry, is in the process of revamping its distribution network.

There have been changes in the distributorship of sales of disposable medical supplies. Web-based sales of medical supplies to markets dealing with chronic diseases have been shifted to a company that is better suited to reach the large customer base.

Ingen Technologies has now shifted to new Magento Platform, reflected by its website.

"The Magento Platform will allow the ability to add additional content to Ingen's product pages which will support a greater user experience," stated Gary B. Tilden, chairman of Ingen Technologies.

Distributors have taken the change positively, and are happy that such upgrades will help distributors and companies as well. Joshua E. Hatfield, RN and president of Baby Boomer Medical, Inc., a network distributor, stated that such changes were positive, as they’re aimed at making the distributors’ jobs easier.

The company, with a better customer base, will indeed help push up sales volume for Ingen’s products, and they will be marketed and distributed in more effectively.

Ingen is having a good year, bringing more sales, more support and different growth opportunities for Ingen to tap. Though the company’s export order through MMT, Inc. was delayed, it has been announced that initial purchase orders would be coming in the next two weeks.

Ingen’s chief executive officer, William Mourad, has emphatically stated that there is no more confusion; the orders have been finalized and are on their way. Ingen is expecting about $3 million in purchase orders for exporting its products, and the new revenue earned through these exports will be used as operating capital to be used for Ingen’s growth and expansion.

Ingen has been strategically evaluating its options, as far as the distribution of its products is concerned, and is trying to reach as many customers as it can, directly and indirectly, with the help of other distributing companies.

Edited by Braden Becker
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