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June 19, 2013

Vitera Acquires SuccessEHS to Expand its Suite of Services

An analysis from Frost & Sullivan about the U.S. Electronic Health Records (EHR) market revealed revenues are expected to retrench after 2013 because of increased market saturation and competitive pricing. New licensing and regulations certification for EHR systems, as well as acquisitions and mergers between different service providers are producing higher caliber organizations. Vitera Healthcare Solutions has acquired Success EHS to expand its suite of services for office-based physicians and community healthcare centers.

Vitera Healthcare Solutions provides end-to-end clinical and financial technology solutions to give healthcare professionals EHR services so they can be more efficient, saving them and their patients time and money. The company serves 400,000 healthcare professionals and 80,000 physicians. The EHR and practice management system processes 33 million transactions and two million e-prescriptions every month across many different practices and specialties.

"Our acquisition of SuccessEHS supports our strategy for growth in the changing healthcare marketplace and is indicative of the tremendous progress Vitera has made over the past 18 months. The acquisition is a natural progression of Vitera's strategic intent to be the leader in ambulatory healthcare information technology. We are committed to providing the solutions and services our customers need to succeed in this new era of healthcare," said Matthew Hawkins, CEO of Vitera.

SuccessEHS provides EHR and practice management solutions, integrated medical billing services, electronic dental record (EDR) and dental imaging solutions. By providing a combination of clinical, operational and financial software along with a suite of specialized integrated success services, the company has been improving overall operations of community health centers and physicians nationally.

After regulatory approval of the acquisition has been finalized, the combined customer base of the organization will serve more than 10,500 medical organizations and over 415,000 medical professionals nationwide - including more than 85,000 physicians. The number of community health centers will include rural centers, student health centers, HIV AIDS clinics and Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHC).

"This acquisition is going to bring out the best of both organizations. This is great news for our employees and for our customers. It allows us to build on Vitera's longevity and growing strength in the industry, as well as the impressive infrastructure they've put in place to provide medical practices and CHCs with innovative EHR and practice management solutions. This helps us better realize our original mission — to make our customers successful," said W. Sanders Pitman, CEO of SuccessEHS.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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