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July 12, 2023

Telescope Health Connects Patients with Better Care through Vonage and SourceFuse

Disparities within the care delivery model are prevalent, hindering individuals from seeking and receiving necessary healthcare due to factors such as transportation limitations, lack of insurance and economic hardships. These barriers can impede access to medical facilities, create financial burdens and make existing health conditions worse. Language and cultural differences, as well as racial and ethnic disparities, further contribute to unequal healthcare outcomes.

Despite efforts to address these issues, equitable access to healthcare remains a pressing concern that necessitates ongoing attention and action. Something needs to change.

To make that change, healthcare firms are looking at the partnership between Vonage, a provider in cloud communications that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation, and SourceFuse, a provider of cloud-native, bespoke solutions and services. This partnership offers the technology healthcare organizations need to enhance engagement and connection to patients.

Vonage APIs make it easy to build custom video, SMS, messaging and voice experiences within any mobile, web or desktop application. Integrated within SourceFuse solutions, Vonage APIs enable businesses to smoothly transition from only in-person interactions to virtual and hybrid engagements across multiple channels.

By integrating Vonage APIs into the cloud-based SourceFuse solution, Telescope Health connects patients with high-quality care, no matter where they are or when they need help.

Telescope Health, a healthcare solutions firm led by physicians, is dedicated to breaking down barriers to care by merging human connection with cutting-edge technology. The company specializes in offering telehealth services for accountable care organizations, health systems, health plans, nursing facilities and businesses. Their comprehensive range of on-demand, preventive and transitional care solutions is complemented by health care navigation services, where a team of care coordinators empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Telescope Health distinguishes itself by prioritizing integrity, compassion and innovation, thus ensuring that care is accessible to all while enhancing overall quality of life.

"We work closely with local governments and providers to build systems that deliver care to individuals who would otherwise not receive it,” said Brent Girardeau, Director of Technology, Telescope Health. “By addressing inequities at the patient level, we are helping people stay healthier and take charge of their own healthcare journey, while reducing cost to the system as a whole."

Telescope Health's tailor-made virtual care platform allows them to meet the demands and desires of consumers by delivering healthcare navigation and follow-up care to enhance patient outcomes. Such a fully integrated and interoperable telehealth application can have a transformative impact, making a positive change.

"The SourceFuse team built the solution, consulted with Telescope Health on their vision, incorporated appropriate technology and chose Vonage Video API because it was able to provide what was needed to ensure quality of care," said Vaidant Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, SourceFuse.

The support of prominent backers like SourceFuse and Vonage allows the Telescope Health team to actively address gaps in the healthcare industry through groundbreaking technologies and inventive approaches, facilitating a seamless user experience and minimizing patient burden with the ultimate objective of zero inconvenience.

Edited by Alex Passett
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