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March 13, 2019

Lip Injection/Fillers: The Technology and Science Behind The Beauty Treatment

Lip augmentation or the use of lip injection and fillers has become widely popular among women, and even men, these past few years due to the association of attractiveness to fuller lips.

Although the lip augmentation procedure has been around since the 1900’s, recent progress in science and technology has made the procedure much more available to everyone interested. The improvement in producing the fillers used has made the lip augmentation procedure a big success for the public and the industry itself.

Here are some of the most commonly used lip fillers in the past and present in performing lip augmentation:

1. Autologen

Also known as Autologous collagen dispersion is a filler produced from the patient’s skin. The extracted skin from the patient is sent to a laboratory to be processed to extract the collagen and transform it into liquid form. This becomes the filler used to inject the patient during the lip augmentation process.

Because the filler used is from the patient’s skin, there are no worries of allergic reaction. However, the procedure must be performed to maintain the lips’ plumper look every 6 months or so due to the body-absorbing the material.

2.  Bovine Collagen

Collagen is a common material in the connective tissues of our body. For the lip augmentation procedure, the collagen used are from bovine hides. Bovine hides are collected and processed in laboratories to extract the collagen.

The resulting liquid is used as a filler. Before the lip augmentation procedure proceeds, the patient must undergo an allergic test first, and wait for a few days to weeks for observation. Like in the use of Autologen, follow up procedures must be done.

3.  Dermalogen

The same with autologen, dermalogen makes use of the patient’s skin to create a high density collagen that will be used for the lip augmentation process. There is no risk for allergy and the fillers seem to last longer before the body starts to absorb it, making the fuller lips last longer.

4.  Alloderm

Human skin from cadaver donors are harvested and processed. It is further treated to remove possible contaminants that may cause disease. With the help of a local anesthesia, Alloderm rolls are surgically placed in the mucosa or vermillion of the lips. It is not injected.

5.  Radiance

It is a synthetic material made from calcium hydroxylapatite which is suspended in a gel. This material has been used for other surgical procedures in the past and has been deemed safe. Some studies has indicated that using radiance for lip augmentation can have lasting results for about 3 to 5 years.

6.  Fat transfer

Using the patient’s fat harvested through liposuction from parts of the body where it can be found, the fat can be injected or surgically placed in the lips to make it fuller. Like in other methods, the fat is also absorbed by the body so the patient must return and do the procedure again to maintain the full lips.

7.  Restalyne

Restalyn is a synthetic material that highly resembles hyaluronic acid, which is found in the body. The clear gel is used as a filler and injected to specific areas around the lips to produce the fuller lips the patient wants.

Beauty standards are ever changing, but full lips are always considered beautiful and an indicator of youthfulness. That is why with the industry and technology used in cosmetics, particularly in lip augmentation, has continuously flourished over the years.

If you want a fuller lips but is scared of the lip augmentation procedure, there are alternatives that does not include surgery or injection. They are as follows:

  • Lip Plumper

Lip plumper is often mixed in beauty products for the lips like a lipstick. Some lipstick brands that claim to have a lipstick that makes the lips fuller uses lip plumper. It works by irritating your lips, making it swell and look fuller. An ingredient of lip plumper often includes capsaicin, which is the chemical that make chili peppers spicy.

  • Suction pumps

Suction pump is a special device for the lips. It works by increasing the blood flow to the lips by sucking on it and creating vacuum.

In 2015, teenagers did a DIY lip augmentation by using shot glass or bottles instead of suction pumps to plump their lips. The idea behind the DIY procedure is the same with suction pumps. This became viral and was widely known as the Kylie Jenner challenge despite the fact that the then-teenager Kylie did not start the trend.

The results of the challenge, which were posted on social media, were very horrendous. Some teenagers lips were severely swelling and some even had developed bruises. Doctors everywhere were warning people not to follow the challenge.

Using lip injection and fillers have become so popular that it has become common for even teenagers to undergo the procedure. Due to the development of the science and technology used for the procedure, everyone is assured that it is safe for everyone and can be performed without much trouble as long as you go to a respected and experienced doctor.

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