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February 12, 2019

High-tech Aging: Three Gadgets for Elderly Health and Safety

Advances in modern technology have enabled the improvement of health and safety measures for the elderly. When the people we care about get older, their wellbeing and safety can become a genuine concern. Using technology, you can ensure that your loved ones are safe without having to do any late-night visits to check up on them. It is often important to the elderly that they remain independent for as long as possible and can maintain their privacy. Remaining at home are the wishes for many people as they get older and through installing a few high-tech gadgets, you can ensure that your elderly loved ones are safe during the times that you are unable to be with them. Here are a few tips for high-tech aging, and some gadgets that ensure the health and safety of elderly people.

Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert system ensures that help and attention is available at the click of a button in case of a sudden emergency such as a fall, heart attack or struggle. Often this device takes the form of a button on a necklace so that it is easily accessible in case of emergency. Often these medical alert systems can be worn inside and outside the house and once pressed can send an alert to an emergency call center. The alert system can also have a GPS feature which can make it easier for emergency responders to find the individual who needs attention. Take a look at reviews of medical alert systems to see which device best suits the needed requirements.

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Not taking prescribed medication, or failing to take it on time, can be a concern for both the elderly and their loved ones. Often the elderly can suffer from memory loss which can lead them to not stay on top of their required medication. But you can now buy automatic pill dispensers that use a motorized device with 28 slots for storing daily medication. Alarms can also be set so that the device rings and flashes, which reminds the person that it is time to take their tablets. These can be set up to take place a few times a day. The alarm won’t stop until the tablets have been removed and won’t ring again until the next dose of medication is due. This is a modern approach at keeping medication safe and organized, while also setting up a system that ensures medication is taken and on time.

Fall Detection Alarms  

One of the biggest concerns when assessing the safety and health of an elderly person can be them falling and not having anyone around to assist them. Often if someone has taken a fall, they can become unconscious, unable to press a medical alert system. Therefore, a fall detection alarm can sense when a fall occurs. The fall detection alarm will send an alert message to an emergency contact, and the message will have a GPS tracker built in which shows the location of the wearer at the time the alarm went off. These can be used both inside and outside of the home and they ensure no elderly person is left without assistance after a fall for a long period of time. They can be worn as a necklace or also on a key ring.

It is no surprise that modern technology has been used to make the lives and homes of the elderly safer. Watching those you love grow older can be a worrying time, but with these tech gadgets you will be able to feel confident that if the worst should happen, your loved one will not be without help.

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