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January 14, 2019

Marketing Essentials To Help Improve Your Health Website SEO Efforts

When someone hears the term SEO or search engine optimization, most people think about links, keywords, and analytics at once. While this is is very true, it is not entirely all about links when you talk about modern optimization. Along with links and analytics, content and social media also have a huge role to play in your website’s ranking and marketing efforts. These kinds of marketing essentials also contribute to the ranks of health websites.

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization, which is a tool used by marketers to help your site rank higher in search engine results and drive hits to your website. Through the right formula of content, targeting, and keywords, search engine optimization drives customers straight to your health niche website.

Here are some of the marketing essentials that help improve your SEO efforts for your health website:

1. Competitor Landscape and Analysis

A key marketing strategy is to find out what your competitor’s online marketing practices are as well. With this benchmark, you can pinpoint which areas of your own health website marketing practices you need to enhance or improve on. Note that while doing competitor analysis, you do not copy your competitor’s marketing strategy but build on it instead.

For example, you can use SEO tools to help you look into the backlinks of your competitors and analyze where the traffic comes from. In case you are having trouble looking for SEO tools, here are some recommendations as to which SEO tools you can use: SEMrush, SpyFu, and Quicksprout.

In addition to that, with the rise of technology, many healthcare centers have apps as well. Knowing this, you may also want to look into your own app and work with healthcare app developers.

2. Relevant and Diverse Content Marketing Strategy

To gain a better ranking on search engines, you must also focus on making original content but be relevant to your readers at the same time. Look for keywords that are trending and add them to your blog posts, videos, articles, and social media posts. Being in the healthcare industry, it is also crucial to create authoritative content with depth and accuracy more than anything else.

With this in mind, you can have some reputable and reliable doctors, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and the like to have a few articles or videos up on your website to increase your credibility. Some topics that are perceived relevant to your potential audience are matters regarding health, latest medical technologies, medical breakthroughs, and nutritional information.

3. On-Page Optimization and Digital Marketing

Your website could also need some help from a digital marketing expert or web developer since this is more technical. On-page optimization and digital marketing will involve improving your website’s structure to make it user-friendly and, most importantly, search engine friendly. With technology revolutionizing the healthcare industry, any health care facility needs to keep up with the times by building on digital marketing as well. Some tips to achieve both on-page optimization and digital marketing:

  • Be active on social media websites or apps that your target market frequents
  • Send personalized emails to your clients
  • Create shorter URLs on your page so that it’s easy to the eyes
  • Include unique meta descriptions and meta titles to every web page
  • Use long-tail, semantic keywords in the content of your web page
  • Add social media buttons for easier access to your social media sites
  • Crosslink relevant pages within your website

4. Influencer Marketing

Having the right keywords and content is not all that you need to create a marketing strategy to complement SEO efforts in the health industry. Another option to make the most out of your health website is to involve renowned influencers in your content or to advertise your content on their social media pages.

Tap into influencers who your target market follows and build relationships with them. You can also involve these influencers during the content creation process to get a better grip of your target market. They may be able to give you constructive criticism and comments on how your target market response since they interact with them a lot. To maximize the potential reach of influencers, you can do the following:

  • Have influencers try and advertise use of medical products
  • Track and write about the influencer’s progress using a prescribed program by a doctor
  • Host events with influencers


It is vital to complement SEO tools and plans with marketing efforts as well to optimize the full potential of your health website. With this guide, you can more or less assess which areas of marketing you need to improve on to achieve the best results possible. Focus on these marketing essentials to build a good foundation for your health website.

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