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September 02, 2009

Healthcare Technology and News: Audiopoint Launches a New Suite of Automated Patient Management Services

In efforts to improve health and patient care standards, innovative voice data solutions company launches a patient service to help reduce time and eliminate repetition and error.
Audiopoint has recently added one more technology product to this list with the launch of NotifierRx, its new suite of automated patient management services.
Tracking the problems of patients in a timely manner will help the health professionals to prescribe useful recommendations and provide care that is required at the time of emergency.
With the help of a pre-defined, automated schedule, NotifierRx facilitates on-going communication and follow-up with patients. Patients only need to provide spoken responses to a series of personalized reminders and queries provided by NotifierRx. While facilitating hospital staff to monitor important measures of the recovery process, NotifierRx makes it easy for patients to provide timely information.
CEO of Audiopoint, Brian Lichorowic, said that regardless of what side of healthcare reform an individual may be on – whether patient or health professional – there’s no argument that improving standards of care and reducing patient readmissions is good for everyone.  
“We developed NotifierRx to help hospitals improve standards of care and manage increased patient load by extending close patient monitoring in the critical recovery period post-discharge,” said Lichorowic, which can greatly reduces costs by minimizing patient readmissions.
NotifierRx makes use of ASR technology to turn any telephone, cell or landline, into a virtual computer terminal. It also delivers patient education, poses post-treatment follow-up questions and captures the patient's verbal responses. The ways NotifierRx displays patient data include sustained readings, alerts and thresholds. The tool needs no special hardware or equipment as it is readily accessible to anyone with a telephone.
Audiopont recently partnered with InforMedix Holdings to introduce healthcare industry voice data solutions that can improve medication adherence.
InforMedix and Audiopoint will market InforMedix’s Med-ePhone System to both companies’ existing and future corporate and consumer customers, providing a revenue generating Ad Model.

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