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December 08, 2011

Frost & Sullivan Acknowledges AT&T's mHealth Solution

Technology is impacting each and every industry including healthcare. It is facilitating people by improving care outcomes for patients and lowering the cost of care.

mHealth solutions, a new set of innovative solutions for healthcare, have been designed by  AT&T. The company has also received the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for its approach to mHealth. Frost & Sullivan is recognizing the company's work with mobile communication devices in the remote healthcare environment and strategic collaboration as key factors in an effective strategy.

According to a press release, mHealth is one of the four focus areas under the AT&T ForHealth umbrella, and AT&T plans to invest in and deploy enterprise-grade end-to-end mHealth solutions, such as AT&T mHealth Solutions presents DiabetesManager.

AT&T's mHealth solutions roadmap includes services to support mobile patient care focused on engagement and care outcomes and enterprise mobilization focused on improving efficiencies and workflow.

“AT&T has shown incredible breadth in expertise in both the healthcare and information communication technology industries; this has helped the company to realize and develop the most necessary relationships with next generation healthcare providers,” wrote Zachary Bujnoch, senior industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “The result is a fully realized mHealth suite of solutions that is primed to make a significant impact on the way remote monitoring is currently performed.”

The 2011 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Leadership Award analysis refers to a number of strengths in AT&T's strategy. AT&T has aligned with new innovative solution providers and enabled next generation communication capabilities to create the newest solutions. AT&T currently focuses on the following three essential areas for the effective management of highly prevalent diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

In other news, Robert Bosch Healthcare, Inc., a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, was recently recognized by the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award for its performance in the North American remote patient monitoring market. Frost & Sullivan's annual Best Practice Awards recognize companies in a variety of markets for demonstrating outstanding growth, leadership and innovation in a given area.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell

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