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October 12, 2011

Verizon, Duke University to Develop Health Information Technology

Verizon and Duke University have recently signed an agreement to develop health information technology. According to the agreement, Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions and Duke will combine technical resources to develop advanced communications technologies to drive better care, expanded access and lower costs.

This multi-year agreement will focus on mobile health applications and consumer health care education. Verizon will be providing the computing infrastructure for technical development whereas Duke University will provide personnel including students, research and project management experts, and educational program development staff.  

Both the companies will focus on identifying and assessing health care-related technologies and solutions for technical and commercial viability. Also, the senior representatives from both organizations will review the progress of initiatives and offer input and guidance to meet program goals. The agreement also includes a formal internship program under which Verizon will give an opportunity to Duke University students to work with teams on the development and implementation of strategic business initiatives.

"The ties between academia and technology companies run long and deep, and this collaboration underscores Verizon's commitment to enabling the transformation of U.S. health care delivery through the common-sense application of health IT," said Dr. Peter Tippett, vice president of Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions, in a press release.  "Leveraging Duke's renowned research capabilities will help Verizon's technical staff identify and deploy technologies that are needed to advance U.S. health care in a sustainable manner."

"This strategic agreement with Verizon offers great promise to serve as an agent of positive change in the U.S. health care delivery market," said Kevin Schulman, director - health sector management program, Duke University. "By tapping into Verizon's leading technology resources and applying Duke's research expertise, both organizations will be able to closely collaborate to explore how we can collectively unleash the powerful potential of health information technology."

Rahul Arora is a HealthTechZone contributor. He has worked as an editor and freelance writer for several reputed organizations in India. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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