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June 23, 2023

Mental Health & Wellbeing Speakers: How they Can Benefit Workforces

If you’ve run a business for a while, you might have noticed the growing emphasis on mental health in the workplace. Where physical health used to be more prominent, mental health and wellbeing are increasingly at the forefront of employers’ minds as they look after staff members. Find out more about mental health and wellbeing speakers, what they can do to benefit a workforce and how this can ultimately benefit businesses that are looking to grow in a competitive field.

Promote Communication Between Employees

Teams that communicate properly with one another are teams that thrive. After all, the more people know about each other’s tasks, processes, or even concerns, the more opportunities they have for working closely together towards a better outcome. However, poor mental health can be a serious detriment to this communication, with people either becoming entirely shut off from one another or taking an inappropriate tone as a result of feeling bad. Wellbeing speakers can actively encourage individuals to open up and have conversations with people if they need and communicate in a much healthier way that keeps the workplace open and friendly.

Encourages Workforces to Seek Help if Needed

Whilst communication in the workplace is important, it isn’t the only route that people can follow if they need help. Problems can extend outside of someone’s professional career, with personal issues leading to much greater problems. In these instances, due to social stigmas, people are often reluctant to reach out and get the help that they need.

Mental health and wellbeing professionals can help to encourage people to seek help if necessary. Charities such as Andy’s Man Club and the Samaritans are becoming far more prominent, giving people across the country and internationally someone to talk to about their issues. Even if your workplace doesn’t make use of welfare speakers, actively open up to anyone that is struggling and point them in the right direction.

Reduce Stress

Rising levels of stress are problematic for companies around the world, as with working from home and other gig-economy jobs encouraging people to be always available. This is a serious issue that limits the amount of time people have to “switch off” and pay attention to their own needs and wants. Engaging and entertaining speakers are excellent for reducing levels of stress in the workplace, informing individuals about methods to reduce stress, such as meditation and mindfulness.

Boost Mental Fitness and Performance

Mental fitness and performance are fundamental parts of a workplace. In the same way that a computer relies on a processor working properly, someone isn’t going to be at their best in the workplace if their mind isn’t right. When mental health and wellbeing speakers come into a workplace, if someone’s mindset (or their approach to improving their mental health) is adjusted, then there can be immediate results. A happier staff member is much more productive than one that is upset, and companies see their employees being much more invested in achieving greater outcomes. Mental health isn’t just beneficial for the employees themselves, with the business seeing a vast return on investment over time.

Enhance Overall Well Being

Overall wellbeing is one of the most underrated parts of working in a company. Consider your own career. If you’ve ever had a job where you’ve dreaded the idea of going in every single day, where every task is a drag, and you don’t enjoy spending time with the people around you, you understand the importance of wellbeing in a workplace. As a boss or company director, if your business is one of these places, you need to make an urgent change.

Using mental health and wellbeing speakers is the first step on the road to a happier and healthier workplace, where people enjoy spending their time rather than dreading attendance. Transforming a business into a safe space for mental health can look like a daunting process that takes a lot of time from the outside, but if you take care and make full use of speakers that properly understand their profession, it gets a lot simpler as you keep working.

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