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June 02, 2023

How technology has made the Healthcare system more reliable

Healthcare is an important aspect of every economy, and the future of healthcare holds several possibilities for us to be able to tackle the biggest health issues that may arise. Technology has transformed the healthcare system in unimaginable ways and the way we have handled the recent pandemic is a prime example of what technology can do. 

There was a time when healthcare jobs were considered to be labor intensive, but the new technologies now allow for the expansion of global healthcare and have enabled medical professionals to progress in the field. In this article, we talk about how the latest technology has made the healthcare system much more reliable. 

Different ways healthcare system has become more reliable due to technology 

1. Remote monitoring

With remote monitoring, it is possible to monitor the progress of patients at all times without the requirement of a doctor. This means that medical professionals can help many patients at the same time while they are being monitored safely from a distance. 

2. E-records

One of the biggest ways we have progressed in the field of healthcare technology is through e-records. Doctors no longer need to carry the chunky files with them at all times. There are electronic medical records that are easy to maintain, view and share. It also means that the records will not be lost since the doctor will have all the details in a digital form. This also leads to a reduction in errors which increases the safety and reliability of the patients. Using technology, the medical reports can also be used to convert to edit PDF and ensure that they are shared with the right medical professional at the right time.

3. Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been beneficial for all of us. It consists of remote clinical services where the doctor communicates virtually with the patient over a phone or a video call. It eliminates the need for the patient to head to the hospital unless it is an emergency. 

4. Robots and AI

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, and it has many applications in the healthcare system as well. There have been several cases where AI has been used to identify diseases like diabetic blindness or skin cancer. The possibilities of AI are many and it can be used to perform routine tasks like data management, monitoring health, medicine management, and treatment design. Robots are also a part of AI, and they can be used as medical assistants to perform tasks like disinfecting rooms or taking lab samples. This reduces the workload of medical professionals, increases reliability, and ensures that the professionals focus on their patients without worrying about these tasks. 

5. eHealth apps

Technology has given us several ways to improve our health and well-being. There are eHealth mobile apps that cater to a specific area of healthcare. With the increasing use of smartphones these days, such apps make it easier to look after your health and feel more accessible whenever you need help. 

Technology has transformed the healthcare industry across the world and there is a lot of room for further development in the field of AI in healthcare. Several upcoming technological advancements will make diagnosis faster and treatment more efficient. One of them is nanotechnology for diagnosis. Nanotechnology can be used to recognize unique cells and then identify the genetic content which could be a sign of a disease.

Through this, drugs can reach the damaged cells while avoiding the healthy ones. This is one technology that will be highly beneficial in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Other examples include orthopedic implants, regenerative medicine, and genomics. 

One cannot deny the fact that technology is here to stay, and it is benefitting humans in more ways than we could ever imagine. Healthcare is expanding and technology is making it possible for medical professionals to diagnose, treat and cure more people than they did in the past. 

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