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May 22, 2023

BeeKeeperAI's Patented Collaboration Platform Drives Healthcare AI Advancements on Protected Data

AI holds promise for transforming various industries. (Yes, even healthcare and life sciences.) It is reshaping diagnostics by analyzing medical data for more accurate and timely diagnoses. Personalized medicine is enabled through tailored treatments based on patient-specific characteristics. The drug discovery process is accelerated by AI's ability to analyze vast amounts of data and predict the efficacy and safety of new compounds. Precision medicine is facilitated by targeting treatments to individual patients, optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

Remote monitoring and telehealth platforms supported by AI allow for real-time tracking of patients' health conditions and remote consultations, improving accessibility to healthcare services. AI-powered robotics and surgical assistance systems enhance surgical precision and safety. The list goes on. So yeah, AI is capable of driving improvements in patient outcomes, operational efficiency and medical research advancements.

What’s the catch? There is an urgent need to expedite the development and deployment of generalizable, high-quality AI solutions while safeguarding private data. This objective aims to streamline the process of creating and implementing AI systems that are not only applicable across various contexts, but also deliver accurate results while upholding privacy and data security.

To accelerate healthcare AI development on protected information, BeeKeeperAI announced the commercial release of its patented, zero-trust collaboration platform.

EscrowAI harnesses Azure confidential computing to address the challenges of data sovereignty, privacy and security. The Azure confidential computing environment leveraged by BeeKeeperAI includes Intel Software Guard Extensions secure application enclaves, providing a small attack surface to maximize the isolation and protection of patient data and intellectual property. This zero-trust environment ensures end-to-end encryption, preventing any visibility or access to the data or algorithm models by anyone, including algorithm owners, data stewards and BeeKeeperAI.

“BeeKeeperAI is a showcase of our vision of confidential computing in the cloud where even sensitive data can be protected and innovative data insights can be realized with cloud-powered AI,” said Vikas Bhatia, Head of Product, Azure Confidential Computing, at Microsoft.

With a focus on healthcare, EscrowAI offers a HIPAA-compliant solution that enables research on comprehensive Protected Health Information without compromising patient data, leading to reduced AI development timelines through streamlined collaboration and access to precise data.

EscrowAI empowers healthcare data stewards (including chief data officers, chief information security officers and chief technology officers) to embrace scientific innovation while safeguarding sensitive patient health information. By employing automated Azure confidential computing workflows, these data stewards seamlessly leverage and protect their data, simplifying what was once a complex IT workload.

Moreover, one of the key advantages of EscrowAI is the safeguarding of algorithm developers' AI model intellectual property. Through end-to-end encryption (even during processing within the secure enclave), the intellectual property of algorithm developers remains protected, ensuring their innovative creations remain secure.

“The commercial launch of EscrowAI is a major milestone for BeeKeeperAI in our quest to expedite the development and deployment of generalizable, high-quality AI in healthcare and life sciences,” said Michael Blum, MD, co-founder and CEO at BeeKeeperAI. “The platform has undergone comprehensive third-party security evaluations that demonstrate the rigorous protection of protected information as well as IP. EscrowAI accelerates access to real-world, protected information and eliminates complex agreements, ultimately saving time and money and helping to accelerate the time to market of AI.”

BeeKeeper’s EscrowAI is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to purchase directly through Microsoft, simplifying the provisioning process.

Edited by Alex Passett
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