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May 17, 2023

Talking Medicines' Drug-GPT Provides Real-World Insights in Seconds

“Your patients’ voices can often get lost. How do you turn all those conversations about your medicines into data that actually means something?”

That quote, provided by Talking Medicines, sums up why healthcare advertising agencies are increasingly recognizing the significance of real-world insights into the lived experiences, opinions, and sentiments of patients and healthcare professionals.

Understanding the perspectives and experiences of patients and HCPs is pivotal in crafting advertising strategies that effectively address their needs and concerns. By gaining valuable insights into patient preferences, challenges, motivations and decision-making processes, advertising agencies create compelling campaigns that establish an emotional connection with their audience. Also, real-world insights enable healthcare advertising agencies to identify the most effective communication channels for reaching their target audience.

There is a challenge with gathering this data, however: There is often limited access to data sources. Also, advanced data analysis techniques may be required to identify patterns, sentiments, and trends from large datasets, making things a bit more complex.

To help healthcare marketers access vital insights about patients and healthcare professionals within seconds, health data-tech company Talking Medicines launched a patient voice GPT, Drug-GPT, on its PatientMetRX 2.0 platform.

Drug-GPT "revolutionizes the process for subscribed healthcare advertising agencies" by leveraging Talking Medicines' curated social data, providing instant and precise insights that surpass alternative solutions in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

With a classification accuracy of 95%, according to Talking Medicines, customers engage with uniquely curated voices, gaining analysis while adhering to health sector regulations. These insights are supported by a suite of rigorous quality control processes, ensuring their reliability and compliance.

By offering natural language responses and concise summaries, Drug-GPT equips agencies with rapid and accurate insights that facilitate informed decision-making. Whether it's shaping new business pitches, devising winning strategies, creating compelling content or monitoring market events' impact on customer behavior, these insights prove invaluable.

In addition, subscribers can explore patients' and healthcare professionals' perspectives, tapping into opinions and emotions derived from real-life experiences, including demographics, diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. This comprehensive understanding empowers agencies to bridge the gap between patient experiences and HCP perspectives.

“We see the potential of Drug-GPT to transform the way that healthcare advertising agencies analyze insights on complex patient and HCP social data,” said Jo Halliday, CEO and co-founder of Talking Medicines. “With structured and actionable insights delivered within seconds, it provides our customers with the edge to win business, create amazing content and deliver successful campaigns.”

Other features of the PatientMetRX 2.0 platform include:

  • Patient Journey Mapping: Understand patient and HCP experiences across a patient journey by disease state
  • Intuitive UX: Tools and dashboards to illuminate actionable insights.

As Halliday believes, Drug-GPT and PatientMetRx 2.0 are a step forward in unlocking the power of AI to revolutionize healthcare marketing.

Edited by Alex Passett
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