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March 21, 2023

Mind Machines vs. Nootropics


Mind machines and Nootropics are technologies that help improve your memory and augment performance via neurochemical dialing, increased blood flow, and altering the frequency of brainwaves.

If you're looking to learn about these two technologies, keep reading. This article explains these two brain technologies in detail, enabling you to understand what they're, how they work, the benefits they offer, and if they have any side effects. To learn more, keep reading.

What are Nootropics? Everything You Need to Know

The term nootropics describes a brain-enhancing supplements family discovered in the early 1960s. Nootropic supplements were tested before initially being used to relieve mind-degrading illness symptoms like Alzheimer’s.

Nootropics, also known as memory boosters or smart drugs, have proven to enhance many body functions and brain aspects, and uplifting concentration and mood levels. Many studies have been performed on smart drugs, most of which have shown their cognitive boosting abilities numerous times.

How Nootropics Work

Nootropics mainly affect the brain’s part that connects the right and left hemispheres, popularly known as the corpus callosum. Mainly acting on the corpus callosum makes nootropics unique from other smart drugs. By acting solely on this part of the brain, nootropics have between zero and little effects on the central nervous system of the body.

Their ability to significantly improve brain activity while boosting memory as they come with almost no side effects makes nootropics popular and known for their safe work. Some nootropics have proven to trigger some therapeutic effects on the body by functioning as antioxidants and eliminating any free radicals that dead brain cells cause. By eliminating these free radicals, they help restore the brain’s health while presenting solid anti-stress properties.

After Effects

Nootropics have proven to offer some positive effects when used, with most users reporting enhanced memory retention, deeper sleep, reduced anxiety, and prolonged levels of mental concentration and energy.

As a result of low levels of toxicity and direct positive effects on the brain, nootropics don't have any side effects, especially for individuals who are healthy. While the side effects are rare, a few users will experience headaches, fainting, nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. The best part is that these side effects are short-term.

What Are Mind Machines? Everything You Need to Know

Also known as a light and sound machine or brain machine, a mind machine uses flashing light, rhythmic sound, or a blend of these two elements to change the users' brainwave frequency. A mind machine can induce relaxation, deep states, and concentration and alter consciousness states which scientists compare to those obtained from shamanic and mediation exploration.

In most cases, mind machines take the form of headsets or goggles, used together with headphones. The concept behind this technology is that the machine will produce some flashing lights while at the same time playing calming, rhythmic music or sounds, with the aim of changing the brainwaves of users.

When users put the mind machine headset on, they transform into a more relaxed and calm state within a few seconds

How Mind Machines Work

These machines utilize binaural beats to change the brainwaves of users. Binaural beats involve two tones with varying frequencies in every ear. As the machine releases these two tones, the brain reacts by creating a third one. As this happens, theta, gamma, beta, and alpha brainwaves are stimulated.

In some cases, these brainwaves have proven to activate meditative focus and an altered consciousness state. When combined with flashing light patterns synchronized to the sound, the binaural beats impact is enhanced in terms of speed.

Think of a mind machine as ogling into a flickering flame while at the same time listening to some soothing music. But this is a heightened variety of that. Currently, there are different types of mind machines, and new releases are connected to the internet to access new patterns and updates.

After Effects

While research isn't sufficient up to this moment, scientists report solid tranquilizing effects that have proven to last a minimum of three days. After some sessions, it's observed that many users produce the desired state of the brain with the related brainwaves deliberately and easier.

Mind machines, especially those with rapidly flashing lights, can affect individuals with nervous disorders like migraine and photosensitive epilepsy. Always look for professional help before you can start using any mind machine.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both nootropics and mind machines are effective and safe ways of enhancing healthy brain function. While these two technologies are worth additions to your set of tools in terms of achieving optimum mental health and function, keep in mind that they're just supplemental to a healthy lifestyle.

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