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March 20, 2023

Reasons Why Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare

In the era of science and technology, telemedicine has been a remarkable idea to provide healthcare service anywhere, anytime. People who live in remote areas have benefitted from the help of telemedicine. All you need is a device that has access to the internet. For video conferences, you need a camera and microphone. The growth of telemedicine has given us a clear sign of its supremacy.

Types of Telemedicine

There are two types of telemedicine for urgent care. They are: 

  1. Synchronous Telemedicine
  2. Asynchronous Telemedicine

Synchronous Telemedicine

Synchronous telemedicine is defined as "Live Video Conferencing" that must be a two-way conversation. An audiovisual link is shared between a patient and a service provider.

Benefits of Synchronous Telemedicine

The benefits of Synchronous telemedicine are many. Such as:

  • It allows direct communication. The communication sets between the patient and the healthcare provider. Since this is a direct conversation, the patient becomes comfortable with the doctor while sharing his medical problems.

  • Synchronous telemedicine helps patients to take treatment while sitting at home. They don't need to travel to the hospital. This is a big help for the people who live in rural or remote areas. There are lots of areas where the transportation system is very poor. For example, in an area surrounded by water, a patient may die reaching the hospital by boat. Or in a rural area, it might be difficult to find a vehicle late at night. Synchronous telemedicine gives patients relief from such hassles.

  • Synchronous telemedicine is really helpful for emergency patients. It can provide primary treatment or first aid to serious patients. Unfortunately, in many cases, patients die while being taken to the hospital.

  • Synchronous telemedicine also helps patients to check the availability of specialist doctors. This helps them to become more selective and get better outcomes.

Asynchronous Telemedicine

Asynchronous telemedicine is a step-by-step formula for taking healthcare. First, the patient sends his recorded health history to a particular doctor. Then, the doctor takes a look at the transmitted files and gives the necessary prescriptions and furthers.

Benefits of Asynchronous Telemedicine

Asynchronous telemedicine also has a good number of benefits. They are:

  • Language barriers won't be an issue.

  • Yes, it is not as fast as Synchronous telemedicine, but it has similar benefits like zero travel, less hassle, etc.

Why is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare?

1. Technological Advancements

Nowadays, the internet is almost everywhere. Since telemedicine service only needs a fair connection to the internet, a doctor can treat the patient through video calls. If not, even a sim network connection can help you consult a doctor through an audio call. The rapid improvement of technology has made it easy for everyone to get healthcare services. In the near future, more people will come to know about telemedicine, and engagement will be increased by a high number.

2. More Satisfaction for Patients

Patients become more satisfied when they get the needed treatment without going outside the home. Therefore, it lessens the hassle for the patients and their families. Besides, patients and their well-wishers remain tension free since the doctor is just a call away. Thus many people are already recommending telemedicine to their networks.

3. Pandemic Relief

Covid 19 has taught us so many lessons. So many of us have lost our nearest and dearest ones. The regular lifestyle and activities got changed. Due to the quick spread of the pandemic, the medical system suffered severely in most countries. However, telemedicine is an excellent way of providing health services during a pandemic.

Importance of Telemedicine

With technology's development, telemedicine has become very important in recent years. Its impact is huge. Let's find out why it is so impactful.

1. More Access to Healthcare

Through telemedicine, one can get health services from anywhere. For example, if you get sick while traveling, you can take immediate help from a consulting doctor via telemedicine. People living in rural or remote areas can thus benefit from telemedicine.

2. Convenience

Telemedicine ensures immediate help from the doctor and also gives comfort. You don’t need to carry the patient to hospitals. Patients can get the needed healthcare service in their homes. Besides, for a medical check-up, you don’t need to take a day off as well.

3. Saves Money

Since telemedicine is accessible from anywhere, you don't need to spend money on transportation. It especially helps those who have to go to the hospital for follow-ups.

4. Saves Time

A patient doesn’t need to wait in front of the doctor's chambers. The uncertainty of time may hamper your day. Telemedicine can provide immediate healthcare and save the day & valuable time.

5. Quick Recovery

Patients with chronic disease can be monitored anytime through telemedicine easily. The recovery process gets faster since it helps to detect symptoms early and allows timely intervention. The patients recovering from surgery can be monitored regularly, which helps to expedite their recovery.

6 .No Infections

Patients can take telemedicine services from home. So they don't need to go outside. It is much more effective when diseases like Covid-19 are present. Besides, patients don't need to go to the hospital, which helps reduce the risk of infections.

7 .Increased Patient Engagement

Anytime or anywhere, a patient can access the service of telemedicine. This increased availability has led to a good number of patient engagements.

8. Security

Platforms of telemedicine are designed to be secure enough to protect your confidentiality.


Lastly, It hasn’t been long since telemedicine has existed. But it is becoming popular day by day. It can be expected that in the near future, telemedicine will dominate healthcare. The more it spreads, the more the people will be benefited. All you need is a smartphone nowadays to take advantage of telemedicine. Explore telemedicine service whenever you need and share your experience of telemedicine Healthcare with others so that they can have doctors available 24/7.

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