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January 10, 2023

Health tech gadgets you need

Tech has managed to come into our lives with many, many benefits that can help support our everyday lifestyles. Health is something that many focus and prioritise, and it would just so happen to be that tech gadgets nowadays can revolve around your health and maintaining certain aspects and goals that you focus on.

CSGOBook offers their online users the ability to play and utilise gadgets within the game such as skins as a form of online currency. While CSGObook is not necessarily health centred, many can appreciate how gaming can contribute to everyday mental health and relieve symptoms of typical life stress. So that qualifies too, right?

Below are some of the industry's most sought after tech gadgets that you need to be in the know about. You can definitely thank us later, for making management of health even more relatable and achievable.

Health Monitoring Smart Light

This gadget is basically a light bulb that measures the biometrics of your reports using a frequency of wave radar that tracks the users vitals within everyday life. You will be able to track your resting heart rate, sleeping patterns, stress levels throughout the day, amongst other factors. It's a really unique gadget that doesn’t really come into the generalised norm for tech gadgets. Meaning there is all the more reason for you to check it out for yourself!

The price range for this is not steep either meaning, it is totally affordable as a gift to yourself or a loved one. At $90 it is a steal!

Non-Invasive Blood Monitor

Monitoring blood within the body is very important, as many times we can be nutritionally deficient and we didn't even know it! Fitness and health experts say that blood should be checked at least every 3-6 months as many things can change and become more apparent with progressive environmental changes.

What is special about this monitor is, you do not need to prick your finger to get blood,the technology monitors glucose levels within the body, and can automatically do all the hard work without any physical discomfort.

Sports Hybrid Fitness Tracker- Garmin Vivomove

There are many smart watches out on the market, and while some can seem so similar, it can be difficult to pick the right kind of one for yourself. Usually people go for the big end brands like Apple for example, due to brand authority and consumer trust. However, the Garmin model is a little different than typical models.

Monitoring your heart rate over 24 hours, you can also check in on stress levels, sleep quality, hydration  levels and more, by tuning it into your mobile device. With the app, there is also access to relative fitness models and classes too, which buyers receive a free initial subscription to try it out and see for themselves. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a device that looks like a watch but performs in so many different ways, this would be the one for you!

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