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December 12, 2022

What Are the Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Adults need an average of 7 or more hours of sleep every day. Lack of sleep, especially if it is continuous, could cause health and mental problems. It's not just the number of hours that matters, but the quality of sleep too. Even if you stay in bed longer, but you wake up now and then, you may still experience sleep deprivation. Various factors, such as noise, medication, stress, pain, and other health problems, could disrupt your sleep. Hence, it's important to determine the cause of sleep deprivation to find the right solution and prevent its negative effects. We listed some of them below.

Weaker immune system

The body repairs itself during sleep. So, if you don't get quality sleep, the regeneration process will also be disrupted, which includes the regeneration of your immune cells. As a result, it weakens the immune system making you more susceptible to sickness. Besides getting enough sleep, eating immune-boosting foods like citrus fruits, leafy greens, fish oil, and berries can help strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, using organic CBD may help with your sleep problem and boost your immune system. It has the potential to help you relax and get better sleep quality, and possibly reduce inflammation.

Weight gain

Sleep is essential in controlling metabolism, which could malfunction with a lack of sleep, causing weight gain. There are also chemicals in the body that tell the brain you are full. However, sleep deprivation could cause an imbalance of these chemicals, so you always feel hungry, and your appetite may increase. Studies also suggest that it may cause cravings for foods high in fat, carbohydrates, and calories. So, if you have a bigger appetite than normal and you can't think of any other reason for your weight gain, it could be that you're not getting the right amount of sleep.

Mood swings

You can get easily irritated, angered, or frustrated if you don’t have enough sleep. It could lead to more serious problems like anxiety or depression if it keeps happening. Plus, it could affect your relationship with other people, including family, friends, and colleagues. In addition, misunderstandings may arise if you are constantly in a bad mood.

Lack of focus

Since you feel sleepy, it will affect your concentration. It's difficult to complete your tasks if you're not focused, so your work will be affected. It could also influence your comprehension and judgment.

Poor memory

As you sleep, the brain processes information that makes you remember them. If your sleep is disrupted, it could affect the process, thus also affecting your memory. If you are getting more forgetful, lack of sleep could be a culprit.

Safety risks

Sleepiness, dizziness, and lack of concentration could increase the risk of accidents and injuries. You could get into a car accident if driving while in this condition, or you could fall down the stairs. You are not just putting yourself in jeopardy but other people too.

There are ways to improve the quality of your sleep, like making your place conducive to sleep and meditation. However, if the problem persists, talk to your doctor about possible treatments.

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