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November 02, 2022

How Much Does a Sleep Coach Cost?

Recently, technology companies have been paying more and more attention to the issues of health and sleep quality. There are a lot of startups aimed at helping people get a better night's rest. Among such developments, some applications evoke pleasant dreams; eternally cool pillows, and not only. We tell you about the most interesting startups.

Developers have become obsessed with sleep improvement technologies for a reason. One of the reasons is science. There are more and more studies that emphasize the important role of circadian rhythms in people's lives. The way we resist or, conversely, adjust to the natural course of time affects many parameters: from body temperature to the level of the stress hormone in the blood. And already these indicators affect a person's productivity during the day.

Another important reason is the potentially high demand for products that solve sleep problems, both for young people and insomnia in the elderly. According to the studies, there are about five million people in the United States alone who can't just bury their face in a pillow every night, relax their brains and forget about sleep. The volume of the sleep and health market is estimated by experts at $30-40 billion.

The prospects of the emerging market, interestingly, are seen not only by crazy startups but also by giant corporations that look towards gadgets and services for sleep.

Modern technologies will help you control your sleep and eventually teach you to rest peacefully at night. Today we will tell you in detail about the sleep tracking application Sleep Journey: Insomnia Helper, which will help improve lifestyle and, as a result, increase labor productivity.

What is Sleep Journey: Insomnia Helper?

It is a sleep coach app. It is a kind of sleeping consultant. It will teach you how to enhance your sleep, quiet a racing mind, develop improved health behaviors, and increase your overall quality of life. You don't have to put up with sleeplessness or worry. These are just issues that must be overcome.

The app will be helpful in cases:

  • You have lost the capacity to fall or remain asleep all night;
  • You can not manage with racing thoughts;
  • You can not boast of long, revitalizing, and healthy sleep;
  • You can not sleep without the use of sleeping pills.

Sleep Journey: Insomnia Helper is here to assist you in determining what is holding you sleepless and worried and in resolving it.

What it can offer?

  • Sleeping Program. You will receive a customized Sleeping Plan created by experienced sleep specialists that includes a step-by-step approach to achieving sleep objectives. The schedule is broken down into morning and evening courses. Each of them lasts about 7 minutes and includes coached workouts and important insights tailored to your specific needs. The whole course lasts 30 days.
  • Personal Virtual Assistant. It is always on the lookout for your excellent spirit and is always available to calm you down and assist you in relaxing, helping you to fall asleep and go back to sleeping. It will propose appropriate information or approach that is more appropriate to your necessities in a certain circumstance at any moment of day or night. In the area of rest and relaxation, it's similar to Siri. Your online coach will encourage and assist you in your quest for a healthier and deeper sleep.
  • A rich library of sleep sounds, sleep music, and sleep stories, it has more than 500 different options. The app can offer you sounds of nature. When you listen to natural tones it not only masks and avoids external noises, but it can also generate calming benefits, enhancing sleeping habits. As well in the online library, you can find string-based instrumental music with few or no horns or percussion that might reduce anxiety and induce sleep. All the sleep stories are recorded in the studio by qualified professionals and are unique.

The application is adapted for users of all ages, however, the main target audience is people 50+ from the USA and the main goal is treating insomnia in the elderly. Still, anyone will find something that will fit their requirements.

How much will your sleeping assistant cost?

You can get free access to the full wealth of Journey tools. This app provides you with a great opportunity to experience the challenging world of sleeping. You may get the unlimited availability of all the Premium options, including the library of sleeping sounds and a personal virtual sleeping assistant, available for you whenever you want. Try it here.

What is else?

The app is using a scientific approach well-known as Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) which is an excellent therapy for persistent sleep issues that are frequently prescribed as the 1st way of treatment without using any sleeping aids. CBT-I is a systematic approach that assists you in finding out and changing thinking and behavior that can create or increase sleeping difficulties with sleep-encouraging lifestyles. Compared to sleeping drugs, CBT-I assists you in overcoming the core reasons for your sleep issues.

Sleep therapists even can give you a task to write a thorough sleeping journal for some time to determine the ways to cure your sleeplessness effectively.

Any of the following CBT-I therapies based on the specific necessities can be used:

  • Stimulation management treatment
  • Sleep limitation
  • Improvements to the sleep environment
  • Relaxation courses

Is the Sleep Journey: Insomnia Helper safe?

The top concerns are your safety and security. Your responses are protected and kept on the server. Your sleeping information is not exchanged with any 3rd party external organizations.

The use of the above application is recommended not only to improve your sleeping performance but also to enhance your way of life and overall health. In an era when tension is constantly growing, and sleeping issues are commonplace, technology, if used correctly, can come to your aid.

It should be borne in mind that none of these applications will become a magic wand that will immediately save you from sleep problems. Try to control your bedtime with a proper diet and sport, reduce stress to a minimum, and practice meditation.

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