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October 31, 2022

Tracking Calories for Weight Loss Using an App

Losing weight and keeping it off is so hard. We all know what we need to do in theory, eat fewer calories through a healthy diet and burn more off through exercise. So why, in practice, is it so hard? Why do some people consistently fail on diets despite genuinely trying to make changes? Well, there are lots of reasons- and it’s really not a simple case of willpower. Naturally slim people don’t tend to be the way they are because they have bucketloads of willpower, the fact is, their brains are wired up a little differently to those that struggle with food and their weight. They have different attitudes around eating, they tend to be less bothered about food and more easily satisfied with smaller portions which keep them lean and trim. While many slim people may work hard to keep their figure in check, lots of people manage this without trying at all and their willpower simply does not come into it. So why is weight loss difficult for you, and why can’t you lose the weight or keep it off for any length of time? It may be because of the following reasons.

Your psychology is working against you

The subconscious mind develops from birth, it’s made up of all of the early experiences you have had. It’s created from both our memories and experiences, and these determine our adult behaviour. Our conscious mind is fed information from our subconscious whether we realise it or not, and in terms of food and eating, your subconscious mind could be having more impact than you think. If you ever experienced food restriction as a child, perhaps through poverty or due to well meaning caregivers limiting food for your ‘own good’, this can drive you to overeat as an adult. You might subconsciously be worried about where your next meal is coming from, even if you’ve had regular access to food for many years following these experiences. Working with a therapist to unpick these issues can be helpful.

Your appetite is out of whack

Our appetite is determined by lots of different processes in our bodies. Our brain, our gut, our hormones, these all come into play and give you strong hunger signals that drive you to eat. When these signals are out of whack, your body can signal you to eat past satiety, drive you to crave the wrong foods and eat at inconvenient times such as late at night. Eating too much sugar or too many carb heavy foods can throw things off as your body is on a ‘sugar rollercoaster’ and constantly demands more when this wears off. Not getting enough sleep can also impact your hunger hormones which signal your brain to eat more food as a way to gain more energy. Going on a general health kick where you cut out processed foods, reduce sugar, alcohol and focus on getting enough sleep can all be helpful. It can help to give your body a bit of a ‘reset’ and get you to a stage where you can control your appetite better and improve your chances of success overall. Utilising a safe, legal appetite suppressant medication like Calorico Forte could be an option if you need a little more help.

You’re new to tracking macros

If you feel like you’re eating well but arent getting the losses you feel like you should be, it’s worth going back to basics. Tracking your calories using an app like Myfitnesspal will enable you to see exactly how much you’re eating. It’s so easy to underestimate how many calories you’re having, so read labels and at the very least aim to keep a running total of how many you’re eating. This is because it’s calories which really make a difference when it comes to weight loss, even healthy food can be high in calories and without a deficit, you simply won’t lose.

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