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August 10, 2022

Potential Risks of Vaping Cannabidiol

Because of cannabidiol’s (CBD) positive effects on muscle pain and mental health, many manufacturers and users have found various ways to enjoy the compound. There are now edibles, oils, topicals, and one of the fastest growing forms of CBD today, vapes.

Many people opt to vape CBD because this administration method helps deliver the compound's effects in minutes. This benefit poses a significant advantage compared to ingesting CBD or applying it to the skin.

Unfortunately, vaping the cannabinoid also comes with various dangers that may outweigh the benefits. Keep reading below to know the risks of vaping CBD and alternatives you can try.

Why Is Vaping CBD Bad For You?

Since vape pens rose in popularity, many have argued back and forth about their effects on a person's health, be it as an alternative to tobacco or consuming CBD. Experts found that vaping was associated with severe lung problems.

A 2020 study confirmed 2,807 cases of e-cigarette or vaping products, use-associated lung injury (EVALI) and 68 deaths related to those conditions.

Additionally, there are cases where users look for CBD oils for vaping but end up getting products infused with substances like marijuana and vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E isn't precisely a harmful substance, but inhaling it may cause illnesses like EVALI.

While CBD is now a legal compound in the U.S under the federal law called the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, some still try to sell or manufacture artificial CBD instead of organic.

These artificial products are illegal and have adverse effects, including seizures, memory loss, drowsiness, fatigue, and cognitive impairment. Others who are not well-educated about CBD may end up buying these illicit products and suffer their harmful effects.

Alternatives To Try

Vaping is always marketed as a safe alternative to smoking, but its adverse effects may suggest otherwise. If you are looking for an effective way to quit smoking and a good way to administer cannabidiol, consider going for CBD cigarettes.

CBD cigarettes offer the same quick-fix of various hemp benefits as vaping, minus the harmful chemicals of tobacco and e-liquids. Plus, if you buy a pack from legitimate brands like Oklahoma Smokes, you get the legal and safe amounts of CBD.

Using CBD cigarettes allows you to experience the effects of hemp without dealing with the inconveniences of owning a vape pen. With cannabidiol cigarettes, you do not have to charge and refill cartridges.

Know The Risks Before Vaping

Inhaling CBD as vapor or smoke is the fastest way to trigger the compound's effects and benefits than any other consuming practice. However, inhaling CBD through vaping comes with various risks to your body.

Before deciding to switch to vaping, you must first know all the dangers of inhaling CBD before trying it out. You can also try CBD cigarettes as an alternative.

Many believe that hemp benefits the body, but if you use poor products and the wrong methods, you may end up with more problems instead of reaping all the good things about it.

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