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July 25, 2022

Are Hair Transplants Abroad Worth It?

Hair loss is tough to deal with, especially when it happens prematurely. Nowadays, there are lots of options for those struggling with hair loss. You don’t have to rely on wigs or toupees anymore. This is why more and more people are now turning to permanent procedures like hair transplants to try and bring back their luscious locks. One of the most common places to get a hair transplant is Turkey, and a lot of people actually head off abroad to get theirs done too. If you’re wondering why people jet off to other countries for this procedure, keep reading and discover if a hair transplant abroad is worth it.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your home country might have plenty of fine hair transplant surgeons that are able to perform the procedure. But in countries where they specialise in the treatment, they’re more likely to use the latest technology and techniques. From robotic technology to sapphire blades, other countries are leading experts in hair transplants. Using the latest technology can also increase your chances of a successful transplant as well. One method called NeoGrafting suctions the hair follicles out of the scalp rather than cutting them, keeping trauma to the skin to a minimum. This can then speed up your recovery time and enable to you see better end results. Although it might seem easy to stay in your home country and get a run-of-the-mill hair transplant, you’ll actually be better off heading abroad so you can benefit from the latest advances in the procedure.


A hair transplant is a lot more than simply moving some follicles to another area on your scalp. There are so many things that can contribute to the success of the surgery, and one thing that’s used abroad to help is bio-enhancements. This is when medical enhancers are injected into the scalp during the process as they can support the newly planted follicles. These enhancements can give the grafts the best chance of survival possible, helping you to get the results you dream of. Generally, only high-end transplant clinics use this method, which is why you’ll find it in plenty of them abroad. As surgeons in other countries are experts in hair transplants, they’ll always be looking for a way to improve and enhance the procedure, so using bio-enhancements is quite commonplace.  

Restore Your Confidence

One of the biggest reasons people get a hair transplant is to give them back the self-confidence that they lost when their hair began to fall out. Just because you get the procedure abroad doesn’t mean that it’s any less likely to work, so it could do wonders for your confidence after a successful healing period. Bringing back the level of self-worth that you had before is crucial, so it definitely makes the procedure abroad worth it.

Cut Costs

The costs of the procedure tend to be cheaper abroad, which is why lots of people are now opting to fly elsewhere for it. However, just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean that it’s with an untrained professional or the hospital is low-quality. In fact, a lot of the standards abroad are a lot higher. The reason a hair transplant can be so cheap abroad is that it can be. The number of tourists that fly to the country means they’re able to lower the price and still make money, purely because of the sheer number of people who book it. You’ll probably find that the surgeons are highly qualified, and the hospitals are pristine, so you’d expect the price to reflect that. However, with tourism rates allowing the costs to be reduced, it can really make it worthwhile.

Low-Risk, High Reward

A hair transplant is a relatively low-risk procedure, but it can provide you with a high reward. This means that even if you’re unsure of heading abroad for the procedure, the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives (if there are any). There’s always a chance for things to go wrong such as infections, but with a highly trained surgeon, the chances of this should be minimal. You’d be checking the credentials of a surgeon in your home country, so doing so for one abroad only makes sense and increases your chances of a successful hair transplant.

Package Deals

Some people treat their hair transplant like a mini holiday, as countries that are leading experts in the field are based in beautiful places like Turkey. Some hospitals will offer you package deals where you can include your flight, hotel, and travel all at one cheaper price. This can make your stay super easy as you won’t really need to plan anything yourself. Although you’ll be undergoing surgery, you’ll be able to use your time before it to see the sights and explore your gorgeous surroundings. Having a mini holiday before your recovery can be a well-deserved break and calm any anxieties you may have before your procedure.

Getting a hair transplant abroad is a lot more common than you think, and it’s not all horror stories and infections either. The majority of the surgeons are highly reputable and leading experts in the field, so you don’t have to feel concerned about their skill level. You’ll also benefit from the latest technology too, helping the procedure to be more successful. So, if you’re thinking of getting a hair transplant, why not look into your options that are a little more out there. You’ll not only pay less, but you’ll soon be able to see your hair sprout back and restore what you thought was lost forever.

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