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June 21, 2022

How To Maximize Sessions With Counselling Therapist Vancouver

Therapy is a crucial part of mental health recovery. And one ideal approach to having therapy is to interact with a licensed therapist online. It’s also called teletherapy and can include having a group therapy in a group chat or video call, undergoing therapy via chat or email, or opting for apps that allow people to have teletherapy.

This type of counselling session allows for physical distancing. And with people living in the new normal because of the pandemic, it can be an alternative to traditional in-person counselling.

Note that teletherapy has a lot of specific benefits for people. Many advantages include lower costs, more privacy, higher satisfaction, and greater access to healthcare. And so, it can indeed be beneficial to various people regardless of demographics. Whether a person is part of the black or LGBTQ community, online therapy provides a new way for support to those who need it the most.

With that in mind, you might ask how you can maximize your online counselling sessions. If such a question is on your mind, read this article that’ll delve into that.

Communicate With Your Counsellor Clearly

Many individuals can access mental health care more quickly because of the rise of online therapy. On the other hand, it offers difficulties for both the therapist and the client. As such, it’s fine to explain to the therapist that they need to fix their device’s lighting, video, or volume to allow a more convenient session.

Likewise, it’s also okay to share some feedback on your relationship with your therapist. However, it might be harder to know if your counsellor is an ideal fit if the therapy is online.

Lastly, you can also share your opinion with your therapist if you think you’re not benefiting from the therapy or that your objectives aren’t being achieved. In such cases, it’s okay to opt for other therapists if it’s necessary.

If you want help finding a virtual counselling service, you can look for counselling Vancouver or others online.

Look For The Right Platform

Various websites or platforms exist to provide online therapy sessions. For instance, you can make use of a therapy website such as BetterHelp or look for a therapist that offers teletherapy sessions through private practice. Note that each one has its advantages and limits.

Other resources that offer online therapy are the following:

  • Psychology Today: One of the most popular search tools for finding therapists, Psychology Today can be a beneficial resource for finding a counsellor. You can have a therapist that caters to different modalities on this site.
  • BCACC: This is the chief licensing association for counsellors across British Columbia. It’s an excellent resource to begin your journey to finding a registered counsellor.
  • Counselling Match: This is an excellent place to begin if you’re not sure of what therapy you need or whether you’d want to find a counsellor according to their personality. Their clever matching scheme has clients and counsellors filling out a profile and providing you with a match to suitable counsellors who provide therapy or counselling for the modality you want.

To note, if you want another resource for teletherapy, click therapy Vancouver.

Look For The Right Therapist

These are some of the ways of finding a suitable therapist online:

  • Shop Online

You can look for the right therapists online. However, when looking for one online, find a therapist who isn’t selling themselves but instead one who shares things about what they do and their philosophy of dealing with their clients.

  • Personality Fit

One of the most significant parts of finding the right therapist is finding somebody you’re comfortable talking with. What therapist do you think you’re precisely comfortable sharing issues with? Is it the patient and quiet type? Is it nurturing or warm mother-like figures? Or is it the individuals with a large presence that allows you to be your entirely messy self? Take note of these characteristics to know what type of personality your online therapist must have.

  • Theoretical Orientation

Theoretical orientation in therapy deals with therapists’ perspectives and concepts to know, assess, and treat their clients. For instance, if you’re looking for one that’ll deal with your thoughts, a cognitive therapist is the best path. However, if you believe that the unconscious impacts your behaviors, a psychodynamic therapist can help you.

  • Ask Family And Friends

If you have a friend or family member undergoing online counselling sessions, ask if they prefer their therapist. If yes, know what it is that they want about that therapist. Also, ask such a friend or family member to have a referral list from their therapist.

Final Thoughts

Online therapy or teletherapy is a way to conduct mental health counselling over the phone or online. There are many benefits to teletherapy, including lower costs and higher privacy.

If you’re undergoing teletherapy, you must be aware of how to make the most of your online therapy sessions. Some ways to maximize teletherapy are to find the right therapist, clearly communicate with the therapist, and look for the right platform.

Overall, maximizing your counselling sessions can help you have adequate support for your mental health or relational issues. This can be good, especially for those with severe cases.

Paul S. John

Paul S. John is a graduating psychology student. He shares his knowledge by writing mental health articles on his blog and guest posting on other sites that tackle psychotherapy. When he’s not doing anything, he prefers to play chess and listen to podcasts.

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