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February 18, 2022

Optimal Placement Of Technology In Your Home To Ensure Good Health

Technology is part of every aspect of our lives. From healthcare, connectivity and safety to entertainment, we rely on technology for all our everyday needs. Having said that, it is important to place tech gadgets at optimal locations in our homes to leverage them to the fullest. Here are some important ways of placing and using common tech gadgets to ensure optimal usage.

Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers are a need of the hour with rising pollution levels and increased airborne viruses. They are a sure-shot way to use technology to manage allergies. For good health, place air Purifiers near sources of airflow such as doors windows and balconies. Avoid placing it in corners or against walls in your home. It should have maximum access to the room and should ideally come in the way of cross ventilation areas. Place it on a bench or table to ensure it is at eye level. This ensures it has maximum reach to the air you breathe.


Humidifiers help usher sound sleep and eliminate dust and irritants in the air. Dry air can disturb nasal passages in infants and young children. Humidifiers are best placed around 3 feet away from a bed without any obstructions. The vent of the Humidifier can be directed straight to the bed. A couple of hours of an active Humidifier is enough to last you through the night.

Televisions & Entertainment Units

Entertainment units are areas that occupy most of our visual attention. It is a console that houses gaming gadgets, music systems, televisions and more. For a clean and organized look in a contemporary home, it is best to opt for a floating TV unit. Ensure you install this TV unit at eye level to prevent fatigue and poor posture. It is best to place your Wi-Fi modem in the entertainment unit so your other smart gadgets can get undeterred connectivity.

Safety Alarms

Safety Alarms are a great way to identify and flag any break-in attempts in your home. It is a must-have addition in any home for good health and peace of mind. These Smart devices sync with your phone and send a signal in case of any unsolicited entry attempt in your home. These alarms can also be programmed to blow off a loud siren and put intruders on the back foot. For safety alarms to function optimally, their location is of paramount importance. Smart safety alarms are best installed very close to the main entrance of your home. It's wise to ensure this device receives strong Wi-Fi connectivity, so it can communicate with your phone immediately in case of any emergency. If your Wi-Fi modem is away from your main entrance, invest in a Booster that can enhance the Wi-Fi signal for your safety alarm.

Smart Home Assistance

Smart home devices such as Google Home is a one-stop solution to manage other smart elements of your home. These voice-enabled assistants can control lights, safety alarms, smart windows, televisions and other smart gadgets around your home. Smart Home assistants also sync with kitchen gadgets such as smart microwaves and kettles to make life a whole lot easier. For this reason, the best location to place a smart home assistant device is in your living room, with clear access to your main entrance, kitchen and other aspects of your home.

We hope you have rediscovered your love for these gadgets with our useful placement tips!

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