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February 18, 2022

How To Use Technology To Pamper Your Cat

Cats are one of the most royal pets. They deserve all the pampering and attention to ensure they are in optimal health and comfort. Oftentimes, our busy schedules don't allow us to pamper our feline friends as much as we would like. For those times, you can rely on technology to pitch in for you! Here are some ways you can use technology to pamper your cat and keep her in good health.

Pet Translators

The translation is a common requirement for two individuals who don't know the same language. Translation technology is common in translating medical consent forms, medical seminars and more. But have you heard about translating cat noises for human understanding? What if we could understand just what our furry friend is trying to tell us? Pet Translators leverage artificial intelligence to help your cat communicate with you better. Your cat can associate certain voice modulations in pitch and tone to communicate emotion. This can help pet parents understand their furry friends better and provide them with the necessary love and comfort.

Automatic Pet Feeders

Ensure you stay ahead of your cats' mood by staying on top of her food schedule. We know how ticked off a hungry cat can be, and that's the last thing we want to come home to! Automatic Pet Feeders can be programmed to dispense pre-set food quantities at given hours. Load it up for treats, meals or evening snacks. This way, you can ensure your cat is a well-fed happy bub no matter how late you get to work! Place your cat's pet Feeder right inside her cat enclosure so she can access her food from time to time even while you're away. Modern water management systems also ensure your cats drinking water is replenished from time to time. That way, you avoid the common problems associated with stagnant water and the harm it can cause to her health.

Pet Facebook

Everybody needs a friend - including your cat! Get your feline friend's social life up and running with Catbook, a one of a kind application that caters to your cats social and physiological needs. Use this app to find other cat parents in the vicinity. Set up playdates, create fun photo grids and let your cat bite into the social media pie! This app is extremely useful in alerting your friends on important dates, events abs activities! It also lets you send out messages on your missing cat should she wander away from a little too far. This app is a boon for those who love pampering their cat!

Pet First Aid Apps

No Pet parent can see their furry friend in pain or agony. Let Pet first aid applications come to the rescue! Pet first aid apps have a dog all the necessary information to deal with everyday emergencies such as bruises, burns,  tummy issues and more. These apps have specific information on cats and remedies suitable to them. Just tap on the symptoms and let the app direct you on everything that can make your furball feel better!

We are sure your furball will have a pur-fect time with the above tips!

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