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January 10, 2022

Hirsh Mohindra Leading Northshore Clinical Labs' Expansion Efforts

Northshore Clinical Labs is now a well-recognized name in the USA, in this war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is supporting on-site testing for many organizations across the country. Northshore plans to continue with its support in such critical times when the positivity rates are increasing and many offices are planning to reopen. On-site testing is one of the best ways to support the employees of those organizations and their family members, both mentally and physically. Northshore Clinical Labs offer quick TAT when it comes to delivering the results and this can be a very effective way of stopping the spread of the virus.

The Northshore Clinical Labs was based out of Chicago, but due to its large-scale COVID testing and vaccination drives, the facility was able to spread throughout the country. Apart from corporate organizations, they have also collaborated with nursing homes, educational institutions, and more than 100 summer camps, for providing them with accurate testing facilities. The whole procedure and operations are guided by Mr. Hirsh Kumar Mohindra, Director of Operations at Northshore Clinical Labs.

Recently, Northshore Clinical Labs collaborated with Learn Charter School Network, one of the biggest public charter schools in the country. They are already testing the scholars for COVID-19 and plan to do so in the next academic session as well. Mr. Mohindra has planned to deploy more team members in this project so that they can go from room to room to test the kids. The Lab is offering Learn Charter with “white glove service” wherein the team goes to the site fully dressed in PPE gears to collect the testing samples. The test reports are mailed back to the school, which makes the whole process faster.

As of now, Northshore has been offering 3 kinds of testing services:

  • Asymptomatic Testing- the weekly testing service.
  • Symptomatic Testing- it is conducted ad-hoc when kids complain of having flu-like symptoms.
  • Quarantine Testing- it is for specific kids who are suspected to have contracted the infection or have been exposed.

Mr. Mohindra is hopeful that categorizing the tests will prevent the kids from quarantining unnecessarily for 10 days. He has plans on expanding the operation further so that kids can stay safe and healthy, and go back to school quickly. Being a father himself, he understands that the kids need to learn, play and stay productive, obviously in a safe and contamination-free environment. He has put in all the required efforts to ensure that the kids do not miss out on going to school for long.

Apart from increasing the testing operations for identifying COVID-19, Northshore Clinical Labs has also given commendable support in starting the COVID vaccination drive at the end of the summer term. Markuail Griggs, Head Nurse for Learn Charter Network of schools has also confirmed the same. She has talked about the positive rapport nurtured between the school and Northshore Clinical Labs and has described how they are endeavoring to contain the disease. Northshore Clinical Labs and Learn Charter's collaboration goes a long way in helping the kids get back to the school in the shortest period, and maximize their time there.

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