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December 21, 2021

Sugar Tong Splints vs Casts - Which One Is Better for Me?

When a bodily injury occurs, one of two things can happen. You are going to need either a splint or a cast to help the injured area heal. The need for a sugar tong splint or a cast, however, is going to depend on the extent of your injury. 

Casts and splints have long been used as a form of pain management and recovery technique when you experience an injury. Casts are common applicators that are used to aid in the recovery of broken bones while splints are usually reserved for simpler injuries like sprains or torn ligaments. There have been some cases where both splints and casts have been used together to help someone heal. 

These orthopadic devices are a necessity whenever you experience any form of injury that is causing physical pain. Your joints, muscles, and bones are sensitive. Without the right medical treatment of application, it would be impossible for them to heal properly on their own. There is a difference between a cast and a splint and the way they are used. Each device has their own benefits, and understanding these benefits will help you better understand why you might need them for your injury. 

A sugar tong splint like the kind that is available from Sam medical store would be ideal when you have soft tissue injuries, such as sprains or tendon injuries for example. In this instance, this is how a sugar tong splint will be the most helpful solution:


  • It provides definitive and acute treatment of that selected injury. 
  • It helps with the acute management of the injury until you can receive the medical intervention that you need.
  • Since this is a soft tissue injury, the splint will minimize the risk of possible complications that you may experience. It minimizes that risk by allowing the injury to swell if needed while still keeping the area firmly immobilized temporarily. 
  • Splints are much easier and quicker to put on, giving you the immediate medical attention you need to avoid making the injury worse.  
  • A sugar tong splint has the flexibility of being both dynamic and functional. It can prevent motion when needed while still allowing room for controlled movements if needed too. 

A cast, on the other hand, is necessary for better management of injuries that are a little more complex that a simple sprain. Casts are needed when you have extensive injuries that cannot be helped with splints. This includes potentially unstable fractures and non-acute soft tissue injuries. A medical professional will usually determine if a cast is needed or not. If you do have a more extensive injury, this is how a cast would be beneficial in that situation:


  • It provides a more effective form of immobilization. 
  • In the case of broken bones, it helps to keep those bones together so it can heal much faster.
  • Full immobilization means there is little to no movement in the area the cast is fitted. This means that the affected area will be able to get the rest and relief it needs to heal much faster. 

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