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October 29, 2021

The Role of Innovation and Technology in Changing Nutritional Care

One of the basic human needs is food. Without food, a person cannot concentrate on other areas of their life. While in the past people would eat any food they got, nutritionists discovered that it was not enough. People needed to pay better attention to what they consumed, as that affected how they lived. When innovation and technology came along, they changed our views on food and nutrition. Here are the major changes that happened in this regard to the nutrition sector

Introduction of machines and robots

In the past, most of the food being made was dependent on human labor.  To produce food on a large scale meant that farmers would do so at high prices. These costs of production would affect the cost of the food in the market. Now thanks to technology, there are some machines and robots that monitor the growth of plants. A farmer can have his farm run solely on these machines. It cut down production costs, increased crop and animal yield, and reduced the cost of food when they got to the shelves. More people can now afford the food they could not buy ages ago. It is something that has come in handy for everyone. 


Another technological involvement in the food industry has to be the drones. With drones, farmers with large tracts of land can monitor their land in the comfort of their homes. The drones will watch over the animals in the field and even monitor the quality of crops growing on the farm. It has gone a long way to ensure that farmers can make the most out of their crops or animals. It also ensures that in the event that the plants need to be sprayed or harvested, the farmers do so without any delay.

Online deliveries

Accessing food and nutritional package are now easier thanks to the internet. People get to order good nutritious food online instead of junk food all the time. You can also access nutritional supplements like marine collagen if you need them. With this, more people are eating healthy, and even more, people are able to supplement their diet with the nutrients they are missing.

 Fitness apps

In this era, people are concerned about the impact that food has on their bodies.  Most people watch what they eat with the help of fitness apps. At a small fee, a person gets to talk to a fitness trainer and have them help with the food one is eating and the type of exercise one is doing it.  It might not seem like much, but it goes a long way to ensure that people eat better and exercise more. With these fitness apps, there are now fewer cases of obesity being recorded around the world. There are also fewer lifestyle diseases developing because more people are looking after themselves.

Better waste management

In the past, most of the farm waste would either be buried or burned. All these had an effect on the fertility of the soil.   To help work through this, companies developed a way that the waste from such farms could be fermented and turned into manure.  Farms with animals could convert the animal waste into biogas and use it for lighting and running the home. It made the farms become a dependable cycle and reduced the amount of waste it was producing.  It also lowered the cost of fuel and money spent on buying fertilizers.  For people who want organic produce, this was a way to ensure they got it.

Better food delivery service

Currently, there is a lot of import and export of fresh food happening. The reason for this is, there are now ways to get food across countries at a faster pace. People can get the food when it is still fresh, and that adds to the entire cultural exchange in all areas.  It makes it easier for someone to experience foods from around the world without needing to travel.

Technology has changed how we interact with food.  It has changed the production, harvesting as well as packaging stages of food.  It has also made healthy food more affordable and accessible. People can eat good food without spending a lot of money, and this has led to healthier living in most homes.

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