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September 24, 2021

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Lab Technology

An evolving lab environment is a must if you want to stay updated and compliant with regulations and quality standards. Regardless of whether your facility is running an analytical and quality laboratory, biosafety, cleanrooms, clinical and medical, production, incubator, or research and development (R&D,) upgrading your lab technology is always worth considering.

In some cases, moving to a larger facility is already considered an upgrade. However, for labs with limited financial resources, the move can be a challenging undertaking. If your business or facility requires an upgrade to maximize efficiency and productivity, it’s good to know that there are other ways that can help you achieve the goal without shelling out a costly investment.

Below, you’ll find some ways you can do to upgrade your lab technology:

1. Rent Or Lease The Latest Lab Equipment

If your lab has the budget to purchase the newest equipment, well and good. But then, if you’re barely getting on your feet or you want to allot the money for other essential needs of the facility, you can opt to look for a company that leases equipment for a fraction of its purchase cost. 

Renting or leasing equipment won’t only be more affordable, but most services also come with necessary maintenance and corrective repair. You’re guaranteed to keep your lab running with eliminated downtime, thus increasing productivity. 

Lab equipment rental companies offer a broad range of instruments and equipment regardless of the industry you’re in. From analytical tools such as thermal analyzers, nitrogen evaporators, and particle analysis devices to chromatography, pathology, histology, and biotech or life science equipment, you can conveniently rent them out at a minimum lease length.

Alternatively, if you’re going to the equipment will be used for a long time, then renting or leasing may not be the most cost-effective solution. In this case, you can try finding affordable lab equipment in Denver or the state you’re in.

2. Modernize Testing Methods

Suppose you’re still using traditional testing methods and manual procedures for most of your lab workflows. In that case, you may only be risking the reliability, accuracy, and even safety of your workers in more ways than one. An obsolete testing software, for example, most likely requires continuous monitoring, which is only wasting workforce and financial resources. Add to that the unnecessary contact and exposure to harsh chemicals and lab equipment that may pose a significant risk to the health of exposed lab workers.

By modernizing your testing methods and equipment, you can improve safety as it significantly minimizes contact with harmful materials, such as samples and reagents, that are all present in the lab. One way you can upgrade your testing methods is by automating instrumentation so that manual procedures would be limited as necessary.

Additionally, you can also consider adapting to computer monitoring to advance your observation methods. Computer software and monitoring capabilities can essentially streamline data collection and other processes, allowing employees to control and monitor different workflows remotely.

3. Improve Floor Plan And Layout

Moving to a new facility may sound thrilling and can be quite a game-changer for your company. However, if you’re not financially ready yet, you can look into improving your current lab’s floor plan and layout to better use the space you already have.

Ideally, you should have separate areas for meeting space, eating areas, personal desk space, and lab work. In some labs, you’ll find multiple flooring that allows for a visible separation so that lab and non-lab space would be designated. Since you’re optimizing the floor plan to upgrade your lab technology, you might want to consider utilizing an open design that appears less confining and would encourage collaboration among teammates and colleagues.

Worksurface stations should be made from materials that are easy to clean, smooth, and chemical resistant. Make sure there’s also intensive planning involving equipment layout, lighting, and other ergonomic features.

4. Implement Innovative Digital Solutions

Labs of any type need to keep up with the rapid pace of evolving digital solutions. Such solutions can significantly benefit several processes of the facility, may it be equipment monitoring, testing methods, or data collection. 

One digital solution to consider for your lab is Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which aids in effectively managing sample flows and other critical data to refine lab accuracy and efficiency. Integrating your instruments and equipment into the LIMS software can significantly help standardize procedures, tests, and workflows. It also allows you to automate test data collection while ensuring that the instruments and equipment are appropriately calibrated, improving productivity and accuracy of results.

Conclusion: To A More Accurate And Productive Lab Operation

As your facility relies heavily on lab work and procedures, it’s crucial to ensure that its technology is constantly updated and upgraded. In addition to guaranteeing accuracy and productivity, doing so will also ensure that your employees will remain safe while working.

To upgrade your lab technology, consider modernizing your equipment and instruments. If you don’t have the financial means for it yet, you can look for a company that leases such equipment so you can still stay current with the newest technology without spending a fortune on new equipment. You can also implement innovative digital solutions, improve your lab’s floor plan and layout, as well as modernize testing methods for a safer, more accurate, and productive lab operation.

Jordan Fraser

Jordan Fraser is a contractor working for a lab equipment and instruments manufacturer. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years. He also conducts free webinars and hosts live events in the lab and healthcare fields. In his free time, he likes hiking, camping, and kayaking.

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