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August 11, 2021

Benefits of Online Casinos for the Environment, Especially During the Quarantine

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to constant quarantines and lockdowns around the world. While this has harmed many industries, online gambling has actually benefited. The increased popularity of online casinos has also led to many positives. The primary one is a healthier environment.

For many Norwegians, gambling sites are the only way to play casino games. The frequent lockdowns have only increased the industry's popularity. Thankfully, it's easy to find the best online casino with nye bettingsider These sites let you enjoy your favourite games while also benefiting the environment.

Our expert, Kristoffer Haagensen, believes that the rise of online gambling is crucial to reduce our carbon footprint. He provides many reasons why more players on gambling sites is one of many benefits of online casinos. With fewer means of pollution, the environment has a chance to recover.

Less Vehicle Emissions

The burning of fossil fuels is the single largest cause of air pollution*. While there are many fossil fuel causes in Norway, car exhaust emissions are the leading polluter worldwide. Anytime you use your car to travel, you're contributing to air pollution. This can impact the environment in various ways. The most common result is toxic smog that can give people serious lung conditions.

There are only a handful of gambling establishments in Norway due to its laws. Many people have to travel long distances to reach them as a result. Norway's clean air still results in around 1,700 deaths every year. The quarantine has led to many people staying indoors and using online casinos as a result. With fewer cars on the road burning gas and oil, online gambling is the sustainable solution.

Less Electricity Usage

If you've ever visited a casino, the first thing you likely noticed was the mass of lights. Flashing neon lights have become a defining feature of physical casinos. Aside from the lights, there are also endless cameras and gaming machines. Unfortunately, these all need a vast amount of electricity to operate.

Norway is one of the leaders in renewable energy. Around 98% of its power comes from sustainable sources*. While this reduces air pollution, casinos are still a massive drain on the power supply. With casinos closing during quarantine, the country can better distribute electricity. But, online casinos on your phone or computer use much less electricity in comparison.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Many people believe that you can only mitigate this by limiting how much pollution you cause. However, industries like physical casinos can add to your carbon footprint. Quarantine has forced many people to use gambling sites instead. This has led to a lower pollution output for everyone. The carbon footprint of the average player has become much smaller during quarantine.

Casinos usually include many smaller polluters that add up to create a massive carbon footprint. These establishments include restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment facilities. Each one produces various types of pollution. Quarantines prevent people from using all the facilities offered.

Potential Dangers

Air pollution can result in many dangerous health and environmental problems. The pollutants released by cars and factories are toxic to most forms of life. These microscopic particles can enter our bodies and cause damage. Around seven million people die every year from pollution-related diseases. These include everything from lung cancer to respiratory infections*.

The burning of fossil fuels also damages the environment by causing climate change. Gas and chemicals prevent the sun's heat from escaping through the Earth's atmosphere. While this Greenhouse Effect is natural, human pollution speeds up the process. The planet's average temperature will increase at an unnatural rate. This increases the chances of disasters like droughts and wildfires.


Online casinos have been a welcome alternative to physical ones during quarantine. The decline in the use of physical casinos has benefited the environment. There are many gambling sites available that still let you enjoy casino games from your home.

With most people staying indoors, nature is subject to less pollution from cars and electricity consumption. While we may not realise it, the simple act of driving to a casino produces toxic gasses in the air. Playing online helps reduce this. A healthier atmosphere comes with many positives for us and the planet.

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