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July 09, 2021

6 Innovations In Industrial Cleaning That Are Worth A Try

Like many industries moving towards more to technology innovation solutions, the once labor-intensive cleaning industry is also changing. Some changes have been forced by the need to make cleaning safer for the people and the environment. Others have been forced by circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic requiring minimal touching of surfaces as the disease spreads through contaminated surfaces. But overall, it’s the dynamic changes in technology that have contributed most to these changes.

Innovative technology is changing the way everything runs, from personal lives to businesses and corporates. This also means that those in the cleaning industry need to stay ahead in cleaning trends to remain relevant and competitive at all times. Look at these industrial cleaning innovations that are worth trying.

1. Cleaning By Robots

In this era of automated processes through artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML), robots have been used effectively in other industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. In the industrial cleaning industry, the use of robots is also taking shape. From the days of robotic vacuum cleaners, today’s robots can do much more. They’re more sophisticated and programmed to do more tasks, especially repetitive, simple, heavy, and hazardous tasks.

Cleaning robots are developed and can be programmed to work in numerous industries and environments. They can be used in public places, airports, shopping centers, and many other places. They can also do different things such as polishing, disinfecting, and mopping tasks. Between 2020 to 2026, the cleaning robot market is expected to grow by 22.9% to reach USD $24 billion.

2. Using Green Cleaning Products

Technology is more than having robotic gadgets, equipment, and advanced processes. Most people are trying to move to more eco-friendly industrial cleaning and cleaning in general. The cleaning industry is shifting to the use of green cleaning products. Using eco-friendly commercial cleaning products can help reduce water use, air pollution, and help saves money.

Besides, using innovative cleaning technologies such as washable microfiber mop heads and cloths uses less water and cleaning products which help in reducing wastage.

3. The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Currently, the world is interconnected through the internet across billions of physical devices. Connecting to devices is now a matter of flipping a router switch on and off. It’s possible to remotely connect to wearable devices, cleaning devices, sound and lighting systems, and many more. Many industries, such as the healthcare industry, have long been utilizing this technology. In the cleaning industry, the Internet of Things is used to track and relay real-time data in huge cleaning areas such as stadiums, airports, offices, industries, hospitals, or hotels. 

They can see how supplies are being used up and alert when and where a refill is needed. It’s also used to connect to cleaning robots, command them, and collect any productivity issues. Overall, IoT connects everything to manage cleaning systems.

4. Cleaning Drones

Just like robotics technology, drone technology is also being increasingly expired and used in the cleaning industry. It has excellent mobility to survey the relay data to the team on the extent of work to be done. It’s highly portable, has great speed, and its best quality is its ability to fly. It becomes a perfect tool for cleaning jobs requiring analysis, especially in hazardous cleaning and other tasks.

Besides, drones also offer an excellent solution for cleaning windows in high buildings. Drones are generally safe for people, and it’s doesn’t require bulky equipment.

5. Data Management Tools And Software

The cleaning industry is increasingly embracing the use of data and metrics for seamless operations. This includes tools for managing cleaning teams remotely, scheduling, collection, and transmission of real-time data. Now the cleaning industries can utilize software to streamline operations, save time, and money.

The software can also help teams track activities, find hurdles, and create actionable strategies to remedy the issues. This trend is beneficial and worth trying as it enhances and improves managerial and team performance making cleaning more successful.

6. Lead Generation And Customer Management Tools

As with any other business, profitability grows as the customer base grows. This makes it essential to reach more people while giving them the right information. With lead generation tools, you get enough helpful features to help you manage communications with customers. You can find emails, schedule tasks, track metrics, and determine what’s worth pursuing and what’s not. This way, you can create outreach and marketing campaigns that will work.

Similarly, customer relationship tools also enhance your communication with customers and potential customers. These tools package all the data collected in all communication channels and help you provide customers with the needed services. You won’t miss any message from the and you can easily go back to your previous communications. Another benefit of these tools is their ability to use other automation tools such as chatbots and ticket forwarding.

Final Thoughts

Many of these innovations are worth trying for their ability to streamline, automate, save time and cleaning costs. Although some of these innovations have been around for a while, the advancements keep improving and paving the way for new technologies. Ultimately, they’re all worth a try and see where that takes your industrial cleaning business.

Florence Davis

Florence Davis is a professional cleaning supervisor. She has been in the cleaning business for more than 15 years. Florence shares her expertise by writing blogs and guest post online. During her free time, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and swimming.

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