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March 24, 2021

TheraNow Brings Remote Pain Management to Patients Everywhere

Chronic pain is a serious issue plaguing the global community. According to the NCBI chronic pain is the number one cause of disability and disease burden globally. The CDC states that chronic pain affects more than 20% of adults. Pain management is increasingly important, especially since the Journal of Pain states that 84% of high-impact chronic pain patients cannot work outside their homes.

A variety of options exist for pain management. Doctors may prescribe medications, either over-the-counter medications or prescription medications such as opioids. While medicine can reduce pain, it does not treat the underlying conditions and often has several side effects that can vary in severity. Furthermore, the misuse of medications has risen dramatically in the past few years. In 2019 alone, roughly 10 million people over the age of 12 misused opioids, and 9.7 million people misused prescription pain relievers according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. And while the abuse of medications is prevalent, some patients find it difficult to tolerate side effects when on the medication and withdrawal symptoms when ceasing it.

Because of this, exercise-based pain therapy is an increasingly attractive option for those dealing with pain. In fact, the Palmer College of Chiropractic found that 78% of people prefer non-drug alternatives to treat physical pain, and 41% noted physical therapy as the most effective treatment.

Pain sufferers may remember the old advice of only resting and avoiding any physical activity. However, physical exercise therapy is often beneficial in managing pain and shortening recovery time. The CDC notes that physical activity can also help reduce the risk of many diseases, control weight, improve mood and mental health, and more. The types of physical activity include aerobic exercise, endurance training, and strength training. Managing different types of pain requires appropriate exercise at a specific frequency, which becomes confusing for many. Recovering from surgery necessitates different exercise than joint pain, for example. In-person physical therapy is not always an option for those who want to stay socially distant or who may not be able to drive to a specific location, not to mention scheduling conflicts.

Coupled with the rise of exercise-based pain management is the rise of telehealth. The pandemic pushed the majority of health appointments online. Amwel states that one in five patients would switch to a doctor that offers telehealth, which comes as no surprise since online health appointments save patients over 100 minutes. The convenience of at-home therapy and the still-in-existence social distancing guidelines illustrate how important telehealth is for patients.

For patients who prefer online appointments and need to manage pain, TheraNow is the answer. This unique pain management program offers personalized online sessions with real-time outcome tracking. TheraNow has a network of physical therapists and health experts who work cohesively to develop care plans for their customers. Each of these care plans includes pain management, home exercise plans, and functional training. The result? TheraNow heals people and helps them live a better life.

Not only do TheraNow users love the proprietary platform, but they also find it a relief to find a cost-effective option to manage pain. Plans start from $75 for an initial 30-minute consultation session, with additional 30-minute session bundles that customers can purchase in four and eight packs. Some insurance carriers cover TheraNow, but the company's prices are far more inexpensive than other options in the market.

The convenience factor is crucial as well. Customers receive undivided attention, can book during late hours, and are not limited by location. TheraNow puts users in charge of their health and pain management by allowing them to track recovery and access in-depth knowledge of their condition. Online physical therapy sessions and health coach video consultations empower TheraNow customers and allow them to track all progress on the app. For those suffering from pain, this couldn’t come soon enough.

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