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February 26, 2021

Best Health Improvement Apps to Download in 2021

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and now we have access to everything we need all through a tap on our smartphone. Last year there were more than three billion smartphone users globally and this number is rising every day.

We can use our smartphones for many things such as education, socialization, entertainment, and even health. There are plenty of apps that can provide you with useful information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Apps nowadays can track your sleeping schedule and help you manage it, improve your mental health by meditation, exercise, and follow goals for calorie burn, and much more.

In today’s article, we will focus on the best health improvement apps that you should definitely download in 2021.


Last year was hard for everyone. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to change our daily routines and avoid social interaction which heavily impacted our mental health. It is very important to have a clear mind and Headspace is here to help.

The best thing about Headspace is that it offers specific mind training that will help you achieve different goals.

For example, they offer a session inspired by some of the best players in The TwinSpires Edge NBA betting odds that will help you improve your focus, manage pressure, and gain more confidence.

Meditation and mindfulness are very simple with Headspace. This is basically an app that will give a good workout for your brain by taking only 10 minutes per day to listen and clear your mind. People that use this app, report better alertness, instant calm, and improved attention.


Are you trying to eat healthier and change your eating habits? – We all know it is a hard thing to do, especially if you are used to eating junk food most of the time. However, this healthy weight loss program combined with an app called Noom will help you achieve those goals.

 This app has a rather different approach than most healthy eating apps we are familiar with. It is based on the psychology of food, and our behavior toward it. The app focuses on changing your old behaviors, by cutting down all the unhealthy food you eat in cycles.

It also features health quizzes, articles to motivate you, and you can track your exercise, blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight throughout the process.


It seems like our mental health has been hit harder than ever. With this fast living style, people face problems every day and their brain is open to all kinds of information throughout the day. Such actions increase the stress people feel, which may lead to anxiety and depression.

One of the best methods for stress relief is meditation. Meditopia is an app with over 1000 guided meditations on topics such as acceptance, happiness, anxiety, stress, motivation, focus, and much more.

This app will help you reach a healthy state of mind by releasing your stress. No wonder why it has more than 7 million members worldwide. You can also access this app using your smartwatch which makes it more convenient when you are at work or traveling.

Sleep Cycle

We all know the importance of sleep, yet somehow we don’t maintain a healthy sleeping schedule which later affects our health. If you feel like you constantly don’t get enough sleep or the quality of sleep isn’t great, then this app is just for you.

This app will track your sleep cycle throughout the night, based on movement and sound analysis. Additionally, it can wake you up when you are at your lightest sleep, which will help you feel less grumpy when you get up.


One of the best ways to anticipate a healthy lifestyle is by changing your daily routines. That’s where Streaks comes in with a to-do list that helps you stick t good habits. This app will help you achieve your daily goals by giving you twelve tasks that you need to complete each day.

The app includes different activities from education such as reading a book, exercising like climbing 10 floors, practicing guitars, and many others. It will help you stick to healthy habits that you like and spice up your lifestyle.

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