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January 12, 2021

5 Signs Your HGH Levels Are Low

HGH, or human growth hormones, play crucial roles in several bodily functions like maintaining healthy muscles, balancing cholesterol levels, and preserving bone density. Contrary to popular belief, growth hormones are not only needed by children, but also by adults. Our bodies need growth hormones to function optimally.  

A growth hormone deficiency occurs when the pituitary gland doesn’t produce adequate growth hormones. Although growth hormone deficiency is common among children, it also affects adults.  

In this article, we will discuss common signs that your HG levels are low and some modern and innovative solutions in treating this deficiency.  

  1. High Levels Of Body Fat Around The Waist  

Growth hormones are vital in the body’s metabolic actions and body composition. They also play an important role as a stimulator of lipolysis during fasting. This leads to the oxidation of lipids and protein synthesis, causing fat loss.  

Since obesity induces hyperinsulinemia, reduced ghrelin, and increased fatty acid levels, it often leads to the suppression of growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland. Thus, the reduction in HGH secretion leads to fat accumulation around the waist. 

  1. Depression And Anxiety  

Adult HGH contributes to the repair mechanism of the body. However, HGH secretion diminishes with age and the swiftest decline happens during a person’s mid-life. This may be linked to the onset of a mid-life crisis and depression.  

GH replacements have instantaneous effects in reducing depression and anxiety. Meanwhile, low levels of HGH often lead to a decrease in energy, irritability, depression, and heightened pain in various parts of the body. To prevent these from happening, you may check websites such as for high-quality HGH enhancement supplements.

  1. Decreased Interest In Sexual Activity 

Human growth hormone deficiency is one of the major contributors to inhibited sexual activity. Just as the elevation in growth hormone levels can lead to a noticeable increase in sex drive, low levels of growth hormones impact blood circulation. This interferes with sexual ability and desire.

Since sex organs require uninterrupted blood flow to sustain sexual desire, low levels of HGH inhibits the pleasure associated with sex. This makes it difficult to achieve orgasm. In females, HGH promotes lubrication and makes the nerves in the vaginal area more sensitive, thus increasing pleasure. Low HGH levels not only reduce your desire for sex, but also make sex an uncomfortable experience.  

  1. Thinning Of Skin 

Several studies purported that HGH plays a crucial role in the repair, maintenance, and development of the skin. Two of the key symptoms of low HGH levels are aging and thinning of the skin. On the other hand, regulated levels of the human growth hormone can reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and increase muscle mass, thus making you look decades younger.  

  1. Loss Of Lean Mass  

A decline in growth hormone secretion can lead to premature aging and changes in body composition. It affects the physiological functions and appearance of the body—reduced lean muscle mass and muscle strength, plus increased body fat.  


Innovative Means Of Boosting Growth Hormone Levels 

While growth hormone deficiency may naturally and gradually be remedied by getting enough sleep and incorporating various cardo routines to your exercise, there are faster ways to address this problem. 

HGH deficiency can be treated with the latest technologies and discoveries. Below are some of the enhanced growth hormone formulations and alternate delivery systems that use needle-free and auto-injector devices to administer growth hormones. 

  • Biosynthetic Growth Hormone: Biosynthetic growth hormone or recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) can be used alternatively, instead of extracted human growth hormone, for treating growth hormone deficiency. The rhGH is produced by using genetically-engineered bacterial cells. These are administered through injections.

  • Long-Acting Formulations Of Growth Hormones: Long-acting formulations have a higher efficacy and are safe for use. Microspheres have been used effectively due to their small size. Since microspheres are composed of bioactive material, they may enhance efficacy and reduce toxicity, making growth hormone secretion faster. 

  • Alternate Delivery systems: In order to improve GH treatment, several non-invasive methods like intranasal, oral delivery, and transdermal are administered to patients. 



Human growth hormones are essential for several bodily functions, and the lack of it can lead to major health issues like depression, low bone density, weight gain, thinning of hair, fatigue, and loss of interest in sexual activity.

Although HGH deficiency is found to be more common among children, it may affect adults as well. If you’re HGH-deficient, you may consult your doctor and talk about GH administration, along with the introduction of several lifestyle changes. 

When consulting your doctor, make sure to check on the latest methods of growth hormone administration and delivery so that your treatment is faster and more convenient. 

Author: Ellen McAllister

Ellen McAllister is a full-time blogger with over fifteen years in the industry. Ellen’s blog talks about a wide variety of topics about health and wellness – from discussing about the latest trends in the healthcare industry, to giving readers tips on how they can lose weight.

During her leisure, Ellen loves to stay at home with her kids.


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