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October 05, 2020

6 Fund Raising Ideas For Medical Workers

With the pandemic still affecting billions of lives worldwide, healthcare workers remain exhausted and worn-out. Hospitals are full, doctors and nurses are more confined in hospitals than ever, and the number of COVID-19 patients increases daily. After the chaos that disrupted so many lives for the previous months, more people recognize the front-liners' efforts and even do their part in supporting them.

Donating personal necessities, sending messages of support, and covering meals are common ways of how people try to help their medical front-liners. However, these medical workers still need extra funds to provide better equipment, protective gear, and other additional expenses brought about by the pandemic.

Some hospitals already started fundraising for their healthcare worker’s personal comfort items. So, if you’re planning to organize a fundraising event, below are some ideas you can try.

1. Online Fundraiser Campaigns

Almost everyone is going digital, and because of the virus, an online fundraising campaign is the safest option. Online campaigns can reach a wide audience, which makes it an effective option for attracting donors. Because of this, it’s a platform commonly used for various causes.

There are several platforms where you can start your fundraising campaign. Just type ‘fundraising sites for medical workers,’ and you’ll get results in an instant.

If you have a target amount for the fundraiser, some sites also show how much you’ve raised and how much more you need to reach your target.

2. Digital Signages

Putting up advertisements for a fundraising event is sure to catch the attention of interested potential donors. Though some areas are still observing community quarantine, establishments like malls, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and other public facilities are already operational. These establishments have spaces or screens where you can put up advertisements to attract potential donors for your fundraising campaigns.

If you want to provide transparency throughout the campaign, you can also put up digital signage that shows real-time updates on donations.

3. T-Shirt Fundraiser

Everyone loves a good old t-shirt, especially if it includes a logo or design of a cause they support. Whether you’re raising funds for your hospital’s equipment, healthcare workers, or support for a type of disease, t-shirts are the best way to commemorate the event. You can create and design t-shirts that represent your cause and sell them to raise funds.

It’s also a fundraiser where the campaign creator and supporter both get benefits. The campaign creator raises funds, and the supporter gets a t-shirt for supporting the cause.

4. Partnerships With Local Businesses

You’d be surprised at how many local businesses are willing to support the medical field during these trying times. Despite the new normal, local businesses continue to operate while implementing creative ways to maintain social and physical distancing. Working with these local businesses not only helps raise awareness for your cause but also helps the business get recognized for their support.

One way you can raise funds with these partnerships is by having the local business create a special item dedicated to your organization. Once a customer orders that item, a percentage of the cost is donated to your cause.

Another way to raise funds is by donating an agreed-upon percentage of their daily sales to the cause.

5. Hall Of Fame For Donors

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to raise funds, dedicating a hall of fame for donors is a great way to do it. This type of fundraiser doesn’t require you to open up a hall specifically for the donors, but simply dedicate a space in your hospital or clinic to them. You can sell DIY items, like paper hearts, stars, or any shape you’d like. You can then write the supporter’s name or message and put them up in your dedicated space.

The next time the supporter or donor visits your hospital or clinic, they’d be happy to see their name up on the wall for supporting your cause.

6. Garage Sale For A Cause

Raising funds out of stuff you or your colleagues no longer use is also a doable, inexpensive option. Whether you sell old furniture, figurines, or old medical books, people are bound to find something that’ll be useful to them. Those old medical books, for instance, will certainly be of great help to medical school students.

Due to the pandemic, doing the traditional garage sales may pose risks to both the campaigner and supporter. So, it’s best to take advantage of the digital age and conduct an online garage sale instead. This way, you’ll reach a larger audience and easily raise awareness for your cause.


Thanks to the new normal, many people are coming up with creative ways to support different causes, one of which is to help medical workers.

The pandemic brought several challenges to our healthcare workers, which gave way to fundraisers for the development of equipment and facilities. While most fundraising ideas involve going digital, other traditional ideas are still relevant and can raise funds for various causes, too.

Claude Hill is a full-time blogger who produces articles on health and wellness, home improvement, and parenthood. Claude loves to educate his readers with informative content on his blog, and contributes guest posts to other websites, as well.

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