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August 20, 2020

Uqora Releases UTI Pain Relief and UTI Diagnostic Products to Address Active UTI Infections

Biotechnology company Uqora remains at the forefront of addressing urinary tract health issues and has released a new line of urinary pain relief and diagnostic products to address active urinary tract infections. This new line includes two symptom-management products and one FDA-approved UTI diagnostic test that can detect active infections. Those suffering from an active UTI can now rely on Uqora’s new point-of-need products to provide reliable test results and pain relief right at home before pursuing further medical intervention. Uqora’s products lead the way in urinary tract health solutions, and its latest launch is no exception.

Uqora’s flagship line of UTI products is formulated to support and promote urinary tract health at any time, and the products are available as a subscription service. This new line of products is for those battling an active infection. Clarify, Soothe, and Combat are designed to help you get through a UTI and are not available via subscription.

More About Clarify

Clarify ($9) is a pack of three individually wrapped, FDA-approved UTI test strips. The Uqora Clarify test strips are the same type of test that doctors use to determine if you have a UTI, and they deliver results in just two minutes. This product is right for you if you suspect that you have an active infection and need a diagnosis.

How It Works: Clarify works by detecting nitrite and leukocytes in your urine. Nitrites are a form of nitrogen that exist in urine if bacteria like E. coli are present. Leukocytes are white blood cells that show up when inflammation or infection is present in the urinary tract. If the test determines that leukocytes and nitrites are present in your urine, you likely have a UTI. Clarify cannot detect all kinds of bacteria, but it can detect E. coli, which is responsible for about 90 percent of all non-hospital-associated UTIs. 

More About Soothe

Soothe ($9) includes 24 tablets that quickly relieve common UTI symptoms such as pain, urgency, discomfort, and burning during urination. Soothe is right for you if you have an active UTI infection and need to treat urinary pain and discomfort.

How It Works: Phenazopyridine hydrochloride, Soothe’s active ingredient, lines the mucosa of the urinary tract with a topical analgesic, providing UTI pain relief.

More About Combat

Combat ($9) includes 24 tablets that inhibit the progression of your UTI, helping control the infection. Combat is right for you if you are dealing with an active UTI and would like to control the infection while also getting antibacterial protection.

How It Works: Combat works by generating formaldehyde in the urine. The formaldehyde is toxic to bacteria, slowing their growth. Combat contains two powerful active ingredients: sodium salicylate and methenamine. Methenamine, an antibacterial medicine, slows the growth of bacteria along the urinary tract, helping control the UTI. Sodium salicylate is a pain reliever that helps ease the general pain and discomfort that comes with UTIs. While Combat inhibits infection progression, it should not replace medical care. Take Combat to slow the UTI’s progression until you’re able to visit your doctor for further treatment.

Uqora is excited to offer this new line of urinary tract health products that tackle urinary health end to end. Customers need ways to self-diagnose, manage, and control UTIs safely and effectively. These symptom-management products and UTI diagnostic test strips allow those suffering from UTIs to address their infections safely and affordably. Once you’ve successfully combated your UTI with this point-of-need product line, you can maintain and promote your urinary health with Uqora’s line of science-backed urinary health products.

Which Uqora Products Are Best for You?

If you are currently battling an active UTI, you should start with the latest products: Clarify, Soothe, and Combat. If you need to diagnose a possible UTI, use Clarify. To treat symptoms of an active UTI, use Soothe. If you need to slow the progression of your UTI until you can see your doctor, use Combat. You can purchase these products individually or bundle them together as the UTI Kit on Note: none of these products are intended to replace medical care.

If you want to maintain a healthy urinary tract, use Target, Control, and Promote. Uqora’s leading line of urinary health products is designed with proactive care in mind and contains no medications or antibiotics. Uqora believes that the key to maintaining urinary health is to use solutions designed to protect and prevent bacterial buildup. Uqora makes it easy to bundle the products you need and save on your Uqora subscription.


Use Target every three days if you’re sexually active or want to flush your urinary tract. The ingredients in Target bind with bacteria and increase urinary flow to push bacteria out. Target improves immune system function and alkalizes urine, making it harder for bacteria to thrive.


Use Control capsules daily for urinary tract support. Over time, biofilm can build up in the urinary tract, safeguarding bacteria and leaving you prone to recurring infections. Control breaks up this biofilm, keeping you in the clear.


Take Promote daily if you need a vaginal probiotic to balance your vaginal microbiome. Promote contains two probiotic strains that are clinically demonstrated to restore and maintain good vaginal health, a key part of good urinary health.

All Uqora products are manufactured in the United States, and a dedicated customer success team provides a hands-on, personalized experience for every customer.

Uqora Leads Urinary Tract Health Innovation

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are some of the most common bacterial infections. Approximately 20 percent of women ages 18 to 24 suffer from a UTI annually. Antibiotics are the most common method to treat UTIs. Due to a longstanding and high reliance on antibiotics for treatment, their effectiveness is in decline. The number of antibiotic-resistant UTIs has doubled in the last 10 years, according to one study.

Uqora is dedicated to providing helpful, science-backed urinary tract health solutions and has proudly invested loads of resources into clinical trials and research in urinary tract health science. This research helps the Uqora team develop improved products and a stronger understanding of UTI prevention. Uqora seeks to further the urinary tract health space by finding solutions and prevention methods that reduce the use of antibiotics for UTI treatment. In fact, Uqora is currently developing a non-antibiotic UTI solution. The area of UTI prevention is generally under researched and underfunded. In search of groundbreaking preventative solutions, Uqora is committed to advancing this area of women’s health research.

About Uqora

Founder Jenna Ryan understands the pain of recurrent UTIs. After suffering from eight UTIs in 2014, she was told that there was nothing she could do to break the cycle besides the usual recommendations she was already taking, like drinking cranberry juice and peeing after sex. Tired of suffering and with the help of her long-term partner, Spencer Gordon, she began the search for proactive solutions. With Gordon’s background in biochemistry and Ryan’s personal experience with UTIs, they built Uqora alongside physicians and urologists.

Uqora has helped over 100,000 people achieve stronger urinary tract health. Whether you suffer from recurrent UTIs or just want to maintain good urinary health, Uqora can help you find a solution that’s right for you. The range of Uqora products can help you while you battle an active UTI and help you maintain good urinary health when you recover from the infection. The latest product launch targeting active UTIs furthers Uqora’s mission to provide accessible and effective urinary tract care for all.

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