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June 23, 2020

New Gadgets for Health and Fitness In 2020

It is very difficult for you to run away from health and fitness gadgets, and in fact, no right thinking person would want to. The best of these gadgets are equipped to assist in monitoring your progress with fitness, and help you to remain focused as you work towards achieving your set fitness and health goals for the year.

Last month in Las Vegas (the world recognised casino hub), there was the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is regarded as the world innovation stage. The show witnessed a lot of innovative new technology from well known casino developers, which you can see here, and some of them are new smart technologies for health and fitness. After the show, people started speculating about the number of those technologies that we will be seeing in the shops in the nearest future. But we wager that the first gadget on the list would be a bestseller by the end of the year. See here for

1. Smart Toothbrush

These toothbrushes are connected, so as to help track your brushing behavior, in the bid to know what you’ve been doing wrong and correct them. This is not a new trend, because Colgate actually has a toothbrush that is designed to penetrate the toothpaste and discover where there is a percolation of plaque. When you have a white light, it means that your teeth are clean, but when it’s blue, you need to keep brushing. This took the award of the Health and Beauty category at the CES 2020 Innovation Award, and information from the manufacturer is that it will be in the markets by next year. Are you surprised about the prospect of an electric toothbrush? Wait till this product hits the shelves.

2. Fitness Bands

We’ve had them for more than 10 years, but a lot of innovations are brought in by their makers from time to time. There are similarities between some of their new versions and smart watches, though they are different. With them, you can send texts, answer calls, get email alerts, and enjoy every typical service from a fitness band, like oxygen saturation, sleep stats, and monitoring of heart rate. Some areas are also equipped with the ability to track activities automatically, so there wouldn’t be any need to halt and reprogram the band. There are also inactivity reminders to push you to action if you’ve spent a long time idle. Some of the bands are waterproof, some come with GPS tracking, and some come with activity tracking ability.

3. Connected Running Consoles

Runners will enjoy this new innovation which involves insoles that come with sensors that can pick up data while you are running. The NURVV’s insoles have 32 sensors and each of them works at an amazing rate of 1,000 times per second. After this, the information is sent to an android or iOS app depending on what the user has or prefers. On the device, you will see a proper analysis of your running. The information that you can pick out from the data includes the speed, pace, balance, pronation, foot strike, step length, and cadence. According to the manufacturers, the insoles can help prevent people from getting injured and are compatible with any type of running shoe. These insoles are puddle, mud, and rain proof. But the question is, are they sweat proof too? We will find out.

4. Smart Swimming Goggles

This smart and innovative fitness device also won a CES Innovation award. The product from Vuvix is for those that love metrics while working out. You can gain real time workout data from the head up mini display through the lens, and you can set it to appear on any of the lenses. Since this is a serious technology it will cost some money. This is not the type of pair of goggles that you pick up for $50. This will cost you up to $500.

5. Smart Scales

Scales that just inform you about your weight are as old as can be. These new sets of smart scales come with sensors placed under your feet, and they calculate the users BMI and their body fat percentage. What is the essence? Human muscles are heavier than fat, so people gain weight when they add muscle. The difference is indicated by the smart scales. The results the scales come up with can be synced with your phone, in a form of a chart that tracks the changes, and your weight would be tweeted by some. They work with electrical impulses, so if you have electrical devices or a pacemaker in you, avoid them.

6. Smart Skipping

Since the days of the playground, the skipping rope has been innovated. This is like every other rope, yes. However, some now come with a heads up display where your tally of skips is shown in the air. Now, you don’t have to stress yourself mentally by counting, since the rope can count and send to your phone. But if the handles shift while you are skipping, you can move the display out of sight.

7. The Fork

The fork has been here for a little longer. So, we have the obligation of saying sorry that we failed to bring the information to you a long time ago. Here, we are talking about the HAPIfork, and not a gadget that you can attach to your bicycle. It is actually a connected cutlery. In essence, the HAPIfork is a fork that comes with an app that can help track its speed. Now, when you eat, the fork monitors the speed. If you eat too quickly while at the dining table, the fork will light up and start vibrating. This helps to prevent speedy guzzling of food on the go. There is also the chance to slide it into your pocket or purse and go to the restaurant with it. But try not to order peas if you want to use it.

The final advice is that whenever you want to get on a new fitness regime, consult your doctor. Also, you should never rely on gadgets alone to monitor your health and fitness. They can never take the place of consulting a certified health professional.

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