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May 28, 2020

Cool, Weird Tech Apps You Might Already Have

If you own a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer of any kind, you might already have access to some of the strangest, oddly useful technology on the market. Many of today's more unusual apps and programs are just a free download away or cost just a few dollars. What kinds of things are we talking about? For starters, a Japanese IT developer has come up with a stand-alone device, soon to be an app, that can tell you whether or not you have bad breath. This sort of interaction between physical health and technology is proving to be one of the major trends of the young decade.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we'll have to wait a few years before standard phones are equipped with the halitosis meter. But right now, you can use your smartphone to detect heat loss in your home, find the best rates on all kinds of loans, see exactly how many calories are in the meal you're eating, and monitor your baby from a remote location. Here's a brief look at some of the strange tech that might already reside on one of your phone or computer apps.

Calorie Counters

Several new apps offer you the power to merely snap a photo of the food on your plate in order to receive a calorie total for the meal. Not only will this improve your family’s overall health and happiness the longer you continue, but you'll get some other nutritional info but the main reason people use these apps is to determine how many calories are in their restaurant meals.

Baby Monitors

You don't need an app for this task but will need an old phone. Simply place the old device on the wall in your baby's room, being careful to position the camera correctly and leave the mic in the "on" position. There you can now stream the video and audio to your current phone and keep an eye on the baby from pretty much anywhere.

Loan Assistants

The newer, smarter, more technically muscular loan apps can do wondrous things. They're based on AI programs and are able to learn as they go, so if you use one regularly, it will get smarter over time. What can the basic loan assistants do? For starters, they'll help you locate low interest rates, favorable terms, and a list of lenders for whatever your borrowing needs happen to be. For example, millions of people seek out student loans every year because education loans tend to have very reasonable interest rates and generally favorable terms. However, if you're in the market for one of these arrangements, an assistant app can help you target a particular school, decide how much you'll need to borrow, and show you a range of interest rates that make sense for your budget.

Heat Loss Sensor

For now, you'll need to have an infrared camera on your phone for this one to work, but at least one company is working to develop a downloadable app that converts a standard smartphone camera into a heat detection device. These amazing apps can show you where your home is losing heat and help you decide whether you need to add insulation in a particular place, replace your roof, or install new windows.

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