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May 18, 2020

Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

Medical marijuana is a revolutionary new resource within the healthcare industry that is quickly becoming more and more popular all over the world. The gradual easing of laws surrounding cannabis use in the US - laws that have been in place since the 1970s - has allowed scientists and medical experts to finally begin conducting studies surrounding the plant’s health benefits, with some surprising results. In this article, we’ll reveal a few of the ways in which medical marijuana is now believed to impact certain medical conditions. We’ll also explore some ways that you might be able to access it yourself.

How to Obtain Medical Marijuana

The laws of 33 US states now permit the use of cannabis for medical purposes. To be able to access this resource in locations such as Missouri, individuals are simply required to get a medical marijuana card. This is extremely easy to do from NuggMD. A resident of a state in which medical marijuana is legal must simply apply for their card online. The process involves a simple consultation with a specialist doctor and some straightforward paperwork. The use of a card can allow patients to access the right strengths and strains of cannabis along with high quality CBD and other cannabinoid products - from something that can be smoked to lotions, capsules and other goods - that have been developed and selected by experts.

Reducing Swelling

Individuals suffering from arthritis and other conditions that cause significant swelling and reduction in joint mobility have reported that certain CBD products and terpenoids - other chemicals found in cannabis - have been effective in the easement of these symptoms. The result of this can be a significant reduction in discomfort and greatly improved physical movement.

Production of Dopamine

The CBD content of cannabis has also been discovered to prompt the production of dopamine within the body. This hormone creates feelings of relaxation and contentment, which helps to combat the symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Even simple stress at non-clinical levels can be eased through the application of CBD products.

Treatment of Muscle Spasms

Sufferers of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and other conditions that cause fitting and intense muscular spasms have taken part in trials featuring cannabinoids. Medical marijuana is now widely considered to be capable of reducing these troubling symptoms, easing the quality of life of those affected.

Easing Eating Disorders

Some specialists also claim that certain strains of marijuana can be used to treat eating disorders. While cannabis is known to give users the munchies - a strong desire to eat - the psychological roots of the eating disorder spectrum run deeper than a simple aversion to food. CBD may also be able to treat this aspect too, due to its ability to prompt dopamine production.

Pain Relief

Both CBD and THC seem to have an effect on how individuals feel pain. The first appears to reduce sensations of discomfort at the source, while the second adjusts certain receptors within the nervous system to change the way in which patients experience that pain.

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