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December 03, 2019

How Tech Is Changing Your Spin Class

In recent years, the fitness domain has embraced technology to create a smarter and data-driven experience for the users

From planning the fitness activities, working out to measuring the performance metrics, technology has completely revolutionized the fitness sessions.

Next-Gen Spin Classes

In particular, the spin classes are leading the masses in the technology space.

Understandably, the spin classes have undergone drastic changes in recent times.

While Peloton has been a household name in the spin class domain, there’s also one decent option from Echelon that is similarly causing ripples in the spin bike space.

This new model, for instance, is packed with a plethora of technologically-advanced features such as power sensors for measuring your output as well as a sleek and simplified console for displaying your metrics.

But that’s just a tip of the iceberg, let’s explore some of the ways tech is changing spin cases.

Flexible and Convenient Sessions

Today, users do not need to book class appointments through the phone.

Instead, a majority of the spin classes allow users to make bookings online or through an app.

The use of technology in booking appointment offers a flexible and convenient way for the trainer and the consumer to connect.

Performance Tracking

There has been a sharp increase in the number of apps designed for keeping track of performance metrics such as calories and nutrition.

Initially, the tracking software was common in the wearables, with FitBit leading the pack.

However, with the improvement in technology, the tracking software is now getting incorporated into the spin bikes.

The tracking software in spin bikes offers a new level of precision and performance.

Besides the new online features, spin bikes have incorporated refreshed apps that will now track your performance, and even provide recommendations and more.

This is a paradigm shift from what the traditional tracking offered.

Here, your technology can quantify your session in terms of calories burned, or even distances covered.

Unlike the traditional model, which was quite subjective and rather based on time spent on a bike, modern technology offers an objective approach towards your training.

More importantly, technology will remove the aspect of error, and it will become a challenge to cheat or even beat the system.

Virtual Fitness Programs

Now, if you’re like me who is always busy and find no time to go to the gym, you’ll appreciate the virtual fitness program.

This is a technological feature that promotes interactive and immersive technology in the form of a screen.

So, instead of streaming recorded video content, you can live stream a spin class session with your favorite trainer.

The online streaming platform lets you stream classes in real-time and at the convenience of your house.

This will create an interactive experience between you, your trainer, and even other members without having to beat the traffic or pay the hefty gym subscription.

Futuristic Workouts

What a better way of spinning than riding into reality?

At times, spinning gets boring, but tech can help to turn the bland cycling experience into a wild ride.

The recent surge of virtual reality products, lets you pup a headset as you cycle and select your desired backdrop.

Unlike the typical massive screens and graphics on a wall in gyms, which are always motivating, virtual reality takes this experience to a whole new level.

The visuals are so immersive that you’ll find yourself leaning on one side to take a corner in the Alps or even strain to work your way through the hills.


With the powerful computers crunching large amounts of your fitness data to make instant recommendations and decisions, a time is coming when technology will let you have a personal digital trainer.

It’s not a far-fetched assumption, especially considering what technology has done so far.

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